Husqvarna Platinum 950E - Worth the Money?

kater07November 28, 2004

I am wondering if you have one of these and if it's worth the $$ that one spends to own one. I would be thrilled to have a more expensive machine if it's really worth the extra $$. My regular machine is on the fritz, so having a combo like this would be thrilling as well.

This machine comes with LOADS of extras including the PC to Machine software and 60 spools of Emb. thread.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. I am a very fast learner, and while embroidering is 100% new to me, I am not at all scared to jump in feet first. A "beginner" machine just kinda seems like a waste of $ to me b/c I know I will be bored quickly AND I like the idea of having a much bigger space to use for embroidering (the cheaper model only has a 4x6 hoop). See, I don't even know hoop sizes.

Anyway, thanks for the input.


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I have the Platinum Plus and have never used any other brand to compare so I can only tell you about the Viking sewing machines. I upgraded from the ROSE.
I love my machine. It offers the largest embroidery field. It is great not having any restrictions. I wish I had a stitch count while embroidering. It would be nice to avoid the computer and be able to have the embroidery software on the sewing machine. When you have a good quality machine, you will enjoy it more and have less headaches. Just read the forum and see the troubles people have with other brands. I would buy what you can afford. I would love a D-1, but it's more than I can justify spending right now. Maybe when I retire in 20 years. Good Luck.

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Hi Katie, Welcome! What is a Fritz???? Is the Husqvarna worth it? It's all in what you WANT to do. Katie, I (for one) have 2 embroidery machine (must have both been manufactured by a man) that can do some designs and the other does all designs together with allowing you to sew also. )Personally...Who cares if it comes "with the pc".Your money will not be spent on what the "additive" are that "they" want you to believe is a bargain. The only way anyone can tell if (in fact) it is a "bargain" is to know what the "cost" is to YOU.I'm on your side! Do fill us all in. Chris

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Thats a great sewing and embroidery machine GO FOR IT!

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Has anyone been able to digitize on this machine? Annrn has the same machine as I do, but I cannot digitize with it. I have the program, and went to the beginners class for digitizing, but they were using a different machine and a laptop computer. I don't have a users manual and I can't find anything on the website. Anyone have any suggestions on how to start digitizing?

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I dont think I understand your question re: digitizing. Digitizing is done on the computer with digitizing software such as embird or husviking digitizing software. It is a process by which you import a picture (preferably a very simple "clean" one...such as a coloring page and "create" the stitches. After you create the stitches, then you can send it to your machine (or reader/writer or however your machine works) for the stitch out. Is that what you were wondering? if I can help any further

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I have had a Platinum 950E for about a month. This is my first embroidery machine. Now the dealer that I bought from has gone out of business and I am left up the creek and don't know anything about getting a reader/writer or software. All the information that I find concerns Designer machines. Can I use the d-cards for Designer 1 in my Platinum?

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In the past the Designer 1 used floppy disks right on the machine. You don't need a reader/writer. I'm not sure what the newest Designer 1 SE (Simply Excellence) uses. I think the d-cards are just for Designer 2 machines and Platinum Plus machines (Now called Platinum 950E) As far as the cost of the machine. It definately is a quality machine. If you can find a less expensive way to go than the Customizing Plus and reader/writer, I would. The software "Customizing Plus" cost me over $400.00!! I must have been crazy and I don't think I've used it enough yet. I have had my machine almost 3 years. I would like to use my machine more but I don't feel like paying big bucks each time I see a design I like. I've tried a few designs from a free site and they just don't look as crisp and nice as the Viking designs do. Does anyone have a good website for inexpensive designs? I'd also like to become comfortable with purchasing designs online.

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I have the platinum Plus but I think if you go to Ace sew &Vac you can find things cheaper. Also ebay.

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