Hitachi 52' question

snuffyinatlMay 14, 2005

A friend of mine is offering me a 52" Hitachi TV for free, says it needs minor repair. This is what he told me happened: The picture started going dim, and he discovered a bunch of dust inside it. With the tv still playing, he got the cute idea to blow the dust out of it. The tv shut down, and he mentioned something about a light coming on to indicate a problem. Does this make any sense to anyone? Should I let this one pass me by, or is it an inexpensive repair? I'm thinking a static discharge problem. The tv is only a couple of years old. Ideas?

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Hitachi is usually a very good set. But, your symptom is almost non-existant and hearsay at best.

I would first, check the back of the set and see when it was made. A "couple" of years can be anything from 5-10 years old. I suspect that the set is old.

Free Service on a TV, even if it was given to you is highly unlikly.

Call a service shop in your area and get a price for an estimate.

Good luck,


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You were right! I went and looked at the set, and 10-15 years old is more like it. I plugged it up, turned it on, nothing...not even a pop. I figured it was too good to be true!

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TV sets are being classified as "hazardous waste", so be verrry careful what you accept. His problem could become your problem.


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