Looking for Husqvarna Viking Software

ngmnewlywedNovember 10, 2006


I am looking for Husqvarna Viking Digitizing Software. I have purchased the Embroidery Studio and now would like to get the Digitizing so I can convert my pictures into embroidery. Please let me know if anyone has this available. Thank you!!


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Just a suggestion....I have the digitizing software...and boy was it PRICEY. All husqvarna products are overpriced and proprietary *in my opinion*.....a better bet would be to purchase Embird...cheaper and as effective. Just a thought.

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does it work with designer 1??

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Possibly look for software on ebay

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I have a SimplicitySE3, which comes with Embird, and I will definately register and purchase the 2006 product upgrade.
After downloading the program for my Vikant box and card, I am thrilled with it so much to take and many more dollars to spend too, I have no doubt. My machine only takes PES format, so I have only looked at Embird. The cost is suffient as is.

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Embird 2006 works fine with Designer 1. Easy to convert to SHV and put on a floppy.
I do believe the 2006 version is the first time that Embird does make a floppy for the D1.

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I have checked, and the Ultimate Box/Embird combination does not read/write to d-cards (used by the 950E and 955E Platinum Husqvarana machines. Can you use the HV reader/writer for these machines and then use Embird? Anyone have any experience with this?

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Will the Embird software create a USB stick as well as the floppy? I have just gotten a Designer 1 and it takes the stick, not the floppy. I was also given the embroidery studio but I think I want the functionality of the digitizer module which means purchasing that as an add on or going with the Viking Professional software version. I came across the Embird software in my searches and it seems like a viabile option. This machine is leaps and bounds above my previous and I am amazed at the capabilities. From the Embird site I think the stick is supported but am not sure. Thanks,

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