Bleach stains on bathtub

wishnwellJuly 7, 2006

My son just moved into an apt., and the tub area was a mess. I suggested he spray it with Clorox Cleanup. He did, but he didn't rinse--and now the tub is a nasty yellow-brown. He's tried vinegar, CLR, peroxide, several products. He thinks the tub may be fiberglass because there's a crack at the drain (great apt., huh?). But he also noticed what look like paint drips. I haven't been invited to see view the disaster. Anyone have any suggestions for getting out bleach stain?

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I wonder if management at some time painted the tub?
There are tub kits to do that.
I suppose he should ask the management first - but maybe he could get a kit and paint the tub?

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Thanks, GH. My son wondered about that. Only solution we've come up with so far is to repaint, if it was painted.

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I have a solution!!! I have an old bathtub and if I use any cleaner with bleach in it it turns the tub an ugly reddish brown color. I called Clorax Clean Up since it was their product that caused it the first time. They said that since my tub was old the bleach was reacting to the cast iron on the underside of the porcelan. They said to use Clorax 2 liquid that you would use to wash clothing with, the bleach free one. They said that would counter act with the bleach and get the stains out, but to NEVER use a bleach cleaner on the tub again. It worked for me.

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Clorox 2 is easy enough to try--thanks, dnaleri! My son now says he's pretty sure the tub was badly painted at some time. The Clorox 2 is worth a shot; we'd about decided he needed to suggest bathtub refinishing to management. Wonder how THAT'll go over?!

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OHMYGOSH....this site saved my tub!! I sprayed my bathtub down with bleach (like I do often), and when I came back to rinse it (I did wait longer than I normally would have) there were orange/red spots in the areas where my shampoo bottles had rested! It looked horrible!! I tried baking soda and it didn't even touch it. The chlorox 2 worked wonderfully and FAST!!Thank you thank you thank you!!

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THANK YOU SO MUCH dnaleri2 for your wonderful suggestion!!! I was feeling so defeated with the red/orange stains in my tub caused by using the bleach cleaners but was lucky enough to come across this link and suggestion. The Clorox 2 worked in seconds - as soon as it hit the stains they were gone! It was like a miracle. Thanks so much for posting this information - you saved my day!!!!

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I'm trying to find the Clorax 2 liquid "the bleach free one", but the only product I can find also appears to actually be bleach. There's als "Javex 2" apparantly made by Clorox, but that is also bleach.

Can anyone help identify the product?


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darryl, the name is Clorox 2 Color Safe bleach. i know, but it is chlorine bleach free.

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It's in a blue bottle and they sell it at Target, if that helps.

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Another incredibly relieved person here! I live in an apartment in an old house, and tried using bleach to remove mildew stains on the caulking in the tub. I left for five minutes and came back to find nasty orange stains all over my tub! I was in a panic! The Clorox 2 totally worked. Blue bottle, kind of expensive, but TOTALLY worth the cost. Thank you thank you thank you.

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Hmmm--we have an orange stain in our dishwasher and have done the regular things but to no avail. Could I try Clorox 2 in the dishwaher? I have a bottle as I use it for wash frequently.

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Clorox 2 is usually found in the laundry department of grocery stores.

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Clorox 2 really works!!! Dnaleri2 you have saved my $300 Security Deposit :) For me, I did not find 'Clorox 2 Color Safe bleach' so I tried 'Clorox 2 Stain Remover & Color Booster'. It worked like a charm!! The moment Clorox 2 hits the stains, I see the clear and white porcelain bathtub through Clorox.

Actually we cleaned the whole house and about to return the key to the Leasing office because our lease was expiring. My friend applied Clorox Bleach on the bathtub walls in night and thought of cleaning in the morning. We were surprised in the morning to see the clean walls and at the same time, shocked to see the stained bathtub. Our heart literally stopped. So I was googling for some tips/cleaners. Finally I reached this page and read about Clorox 2 by Dnaleri2. That saved our $300 security deposit :)

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noodlesportland - I have found that Tang or Powdered Lemonade mix run through your dishwasher will get rid of some stains.

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Clorox 2 is an oxygen bleach, using hydrogen peroxide as the oxygen source.

Plain old hydrogen peroxide is available at the drug store.

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I had some stains on our fiberglass shower pan I could not get off. Tried bleach, soft scrub etc.

Hubby said "Did you try vinegar"?

Wow, I let some vinegar sit on them for about 30 seconds, and it all came right out.

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Yay!! I am so relieved that the ugly yellow stains came out! I sprayed bleach cleaner on the bathtub and then left it when a repairman arrived. When I got back to the bathtub, there were ugly yellow stains all over the sides and bottom. Clorox2 happened to right in my laundry room. It solved the problem instantaneously!

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I of course also had the same problem - used soft scrub with bleach on my shower/tub. The shower tiles looked great, but I had rust colored stains on the tub. I didn't have Clorox2 in the apartment, but I saw in one of the posts to try Hydrogen Peroxide- it worked wonders! Best of all it's cheap, you can find it in any drug or grocery store, and most people just have it sitting in their medicine cabinet!

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Oxi clean stain remover gets rid of the brown spots instantly

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THANK YOU!!!! Great tip, I sprayed bleach on my tub and shower liner then I started cleaning the living & dining room. When I got back to the bathroom my tub looked worst than when my kids take a bath after playing outside. The first thing that went through my head was that I didn't dilute the bleach enough (and my hubby's going to get mad at me). I looked online and found this site, I tried the peroxide and it worked right away!

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I followed the Clorox 2 tip as well and it worked like a charm...THANK YOU......

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"Hey guys, for natural options, you can soak paper towel to white vinegar..."

Cause we all know how "natural" distilled white vinegar is...

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Also, if peroxide doesn't work - magic eraser works wonders!

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I thought I had ruined the tub and was freaking out because I live in a rental unit...but I followed the tip about the peroxide and it worked instantly...thanks for the tip!

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Clorox 2 Rocks! work so well. Just pour it on, leave it for like 5 minutes scrub a bit and bam! rust be gone!

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I had the same problem i was discharging some denim with bleach and i went to check on my denim and found the sides of my tub all yellow i found this link and i didnt use chlorox 2 but i found that generic color-safe bleach works as well .:)

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I have tried hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and, Clorox 2 although it was the powder…now trying vinegar with paper towels setting so far none of these has worked on the yellow stains in the bottom of an old claw foot tub. Ugh so frustrated! Thanks for the ideas.

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Yellow stains might be from iron in the water which is a whole different thing from bleach discoloration. Have you tried the scale/mineral removers like CLR (Calcium, Lime, Rust) or Lime Away? They have reducing agents (rather than oxidizers like bleach) to remove oxidized iron (rust).

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