Brother PC 8500 trying to embroider one line under another

staasiaNovember 6, 2004

Hi all,

I am trying to embroider a name and then a date under the name.

This is supposed to be accomplished on a double sided satin ribbon that is about an inch wide and about 6 or 7 inches in length.

I was told I should use Embroidery Edit, but I cannot find actual instructions in the book and was not given the process to complete my project.

I need help! :(

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Staasia - the embroidery edit button is on the right about halfway has a rectangle with arrows pointing into or out of it.

Do you have the fat manual that came with the machine? It should have instructions in there. Anyway, in the edit mode, you can then choose the font you want (it only has about 3 options), select the letters for the name, then you press "set", I think. The words will appear on the screen in the hoop. You can then move them around where you want them. When you're done, you press "done" (I think - don't have my book in front of me!), then you can select the font again and do the date, then press "set" and the date appears on the screen, where you can move it where you want it, too. You can change the size, the character spacing, and the array all in the edit mode.

If you are going to do several ribbons that say the same thing, save what you did to the machine's memory so you don't have to re-create it.

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