2004 Magnavox TV model#27MS3404/17 chassis#Lo1,1u AC-7638

oslew238May 26, 2011

I have a tv problem! The history: we bought brand new in 2004. In 2009 the neutral wire on our service cable broke and in result our tv was not working so we took to a tv repair shop and got it fixed for $85. A few months ago I started having problems getting the tv to turn on, it would shut it's self off after trying to warm up and get picture on screen. It took several tries to get tv to stay on and finally would be fine. Decided to leave it on all the time, less hassle.. until today I turned it off, not thinking and now it won't come on at all, completely black and makes clicking noise(the relay). Tested circuit board on back of tube and the #2346 which looks like a blue m&m, had no continuity.....so does anyone know the name of that part and can I replace it myself???

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Just MHO, but fixing a 7 year old tv of any brand would not be first on my list of things to do. You've already got your moneys worth out of it and even if you do get it fixed, you'll still have a 7 year old tv ready to break down for another reason. I don't know what your needs are, but you can surely find a decent 32" LCD for probably less than $400. Do some shopping before you decide to fix the old one.

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thank you for your post, I realize that the TV is old, but I don't have $400 to get a new tv, just hoping that I could fix a small problem and save some money for now. The way it looks tho I will have to save and get something new.

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Since you mentioned you are cable, then you really don't need a television with a digital tuner.

I would recommend checking some of the (nonprofit) thrift stores in your area. I was recently in one and saw several large screen CRT televisions priced between $20-30. Some of these still looked like new and I know that some originally sold for close to $1000.

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thanks yosemitebill, that's a great suggestion.

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