PE-150 Says Thread Is Broken, But It Isn't!

tnkrbelNovember 20, 2008

As it says in my title, my machine keeps saying that the upper or lower thread is broken, but it isn't. I have tried everything I can think needle, rethreading (top and bottom), adjusting top tension, cleaning out the bobbin does it on designs that I have done before that stitched fine as well as simple text straight from the machine. Most of the time I can just keep pressing the start button and it will eventually work its way through it, but then in those areas the thread is loose.

About the same time this started happening, the upper thread started completely covering the bobbin thread on the bottom side of the fabric. Before, when I use white bobbin thread, the bottom of the design would be mostly white. Now it is completely the upper thread, with none of the bobbin thread showing.

I do have an idea of one thing that could be causing a problem...not too long ago I decided to take the bobbin area apart to clean it out. I took everything out that I could. Since doing that, I found out that one of the two screws inside the bobbin area actually controls the bobbin tension! Yikes! I'm sure I tightened both screws down all the way. But, I don't know which of the 2 screws is the one that controls the tension, and I don't know how tight/loose it should be.

Other than that, all of my research is pointing to the fact that it is a computer issue rather than a mechanical issue...that means it will have to be sent in for repairs, which will take 2 weeks and cost $150...with the holidays coming up, I don't have that much time or money! I would love to be able to try and find a solution that I can fix myself...any ideas???

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Hi, I am not an expert by any means, but I would think the bobbin case is probably the problem. It may be cheaper to buy a new bobbin case and keep the old one (loosen the tension on it) for doing bobbin work.

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