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marci_paMay 2, 2005

Time to send Magic Kitty lots of.....

Happy Birthday Lynn!

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Happy birthday to you............
Happy birthday to you............
Happy biiiirrrrttthhhhdaayyyyy, sweet MagicKittyyyyyyyyyy
Happy birthday to you!!

Hope this is the best so far, and the beginning of many, many more fun-filled times for you.

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Happy, Happy, Happy birthday to you Dear MagicKitty. Wishing you a glorious day and wonderful year filled with love and health. We are glad you are part of our family here.

I hope your package arrives today if it hasn't already!

Hope all your wishes and dreams come try.

Love, NH Suzanne

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My visit with the animal communicator was quite interesting. Of course I approached the whole thing with skepticism and vowed to keep a poker face which was hard to do when she said things that were right on target! The only info she wanted from me was the name, sex, age and breed of the animal.

When I sat down with her she told me that ever since she met me when I was making the appointment that she sensed that I will be traveling to Europe. She asked if I traveled for work and if I had been to Europe. I have been to Europe many times but I have not traveled there for work. Anyway, she said she sees Italy, Hungary, Spain as one of the countries I need to go. Its an important trip and I canÂt rush through it in a weeks time. Maybe it will be a career trip and my husband should definitely go with me. Then she looked me right in the eye and said " You LOVE red wine". That was pretty strange and no, I hadnÂt been drinking as it was early morning. It was cool. She also said that my DH has a good heart and totally supports me in everything I do.

We started talking about Sweet Pea first. All of the things she shared with me she had no way of knowing. Where I live, what the terrain I ride on, if I show my horse, if I keep my horse at home or board her etc.

She said SP really loves to drive and would really like to show. She said that SP was very dark and really flashy. She said that SP wanted me to know that it upsets her when I rush her over the rocks. SP said that sometimes the rock looks flat but when she steps on it, it moves and scares her. The interesting thing about this is that SP rushes over and down these rocky parts like a bull and it scares me!! The communicator said that SP has misunderstood me and thought I wanted her to go fastÂÂ.my next ride should be very interesting.

She said that SP is very tight on her right side and has an issue in her neck. This is true as it is her weak side and we have to work on it with massage and chiropractic. She also said that SP would like to have another baby but is afraid of stallions! This one was good because she couldnÂt know that SP has foaled and the fear of stallions is real because SP was jumped by a stallion that broke through a fence to get her! But SP was clear that she would really like to have a baby.

Next we talked about Casey. The communicator said Casey didnÂt want to talk and had turned her back to her. This was funny because thatÂs exactly what Casey does when she isnÂt happy. Finally she turned around and wanted to know why I donÂt rider her!! This made me cry because of my guilt over it!! She makes it very clear that she wanted me to spend more time with her.

She told me that CaseyÂs back is longer than SPÂs (true), also that Casey is lighter that SP which is true, She said Casey has gold on her. This is true. Casey is chestnut (red head) but her feet are gold, gold and very pretty. She said that Casey is having an issue with her back feet and suggested that next time the farrier comes that we square off the back toes. Amazingly, the farrier did come while I was gone and they squared the back feet for the first time ever!! She also o said that she is stiff in her right side. When I got home she is having stiffness in her left side! The woman asked me about "the white pasture mate"! This was funny because, Tillie, my donkey is white. She told me that Casey doesnÂt like her and that she doesnÂt belong there! I asked her to tell Casey that she is a family member and we love her as much as any of them. Too funny.

Last she asked me what was up with CaseyÂs tail. I was surprised by this as Casey rubs her tail all the time. I have tried every know remedy and had concluded that she does it out of boredom or it simply feels good to her. She thinks there is something out of alignment near the base of her tail so we shall see when the chiropractor comes.

We talked about my youngest Siamese cat as well but she didnÂt get much from him. Just that he is insanely jealous of anyone that comes near me. Which is not really true. He is insanely jealous of a little stray cat that came to live with us almost 5 years ago and still wonÂt get over it!

I would say this woman was very good. She also works via phone if any one is interested.

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Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!!!!! What a wonderful feeling to have such nice people to chat with.

NHSuzanne --- Thank you so much for the presents.... I received a subscription to Yankee Magazine, a beautiful card with NH scene/picture. Notecards with sketches of NH, the City news letter to read up on the area. Yummy Maple syrup from her neighbors, and a delightful Apple scented Yankee candle....along with a b-day hat and blower with a picture of a horse on them (cute)and a lovely card with NHsuzanne and sweet pea's picture which is displayed on my refidgerator. Postcards of the beautiful area. Thank you!!!

It was such a nice surprise to get that on Saturday.

Take care - have a great day everyone!!!


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Many, many more Lynn--:):):)

Amy! So glad to see you post! (((((((hugs!!)))))))

Now where is Joanne, KYSusieQ, and Jen???



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Happy Birthday, Lynn!! Have a most wonderful day!


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Where is Mary Ann, Besh, Patti? Come outside and play with us!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LYNN! Hope you have a GREAT day and enjoy the sun! Let us know what you do and how you spend your special day!

((((((((HUGS and KISSES!!!!)))))))))

Come out, come out, Raeanne, Gretchen, Zig, JOHN, NJKaren, and Happyto! Visit us on Lynn's birthday!

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Happy Birthday, Lynn!

Where is KY Susie? I haven't seen her in quite a while.

DeeMarie~I hope that your DFIL is doing better.

I couldn't possibly address everything that you talked about last week b/c this was really hopping! LOL

NH Suzanne~How interesting! As soon as we get the VA claim adjudicated & can move somewhere else--we will move where we can have babies again!!

MaryAnnTx~Welcome! I am the Tex part of this post.

Tikanis~I also saw "Fever Pitch" & thought that it was very cute.

We went to the community theatre also this weekend to see "Steel Magnolias". They did a beautiful job. We have wonderful, generous friends who don't like that we have to stay at home in our apartment by ourselves all of the time. Well, shout out to all! Patti :)

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I'll get in on the birthday wishes this time,and count me in on the singing, too. Maddie, I know we can always count on you to lead us in that.

Happy Birthday, Lynn!! I hope it's a great one!


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Happy Birthday Magic Kitty - hope it's a GREAT ONE.

Sorry I have been missing for so long. So much to tell, so little time. DS moved out yesterday, DD getting married in September but has already moved out. Wedding plans coming along beautifully.
A couple of quick questions!
1. I am really bad, can't remember who my Birthday buddy is - help me here please
2. Someone fill me in on what happened to French Licks - did it happen?

Take care

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Happy Birthday Lynn!!

Hi everyone! I wish someone would come over here and make me get up and exercise! Why is it I always find excuses?
I did get a little exercise this morning. I watched over the twins while their Mom went to town to take care of business. Lifting 10-12 lb babies is exercise, isn't it? LOL

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(Blushing madly....) Amy--"starting" or "scaring"???? LOL!

MaryAnn--I'd think so! But only if you pick 'em up, smootch and hug 'em, put 'em down, and start all over again! :):)


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Oh Lynn I am so sorry I did not check in here yesterday. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! I hope it was a great one!.

MaryAnn, I don't know if I said hello and welcome yet, so consider it done! :-) It is always nice to have some new faces, or I guess I should say voices.

WW is going well. I am down 10.8 pounds!! It cracks me up that they count the tenths.

I just finished reading "The Mermaid Chair" by Sue Monk Kidd. She is the same author that wrote "The Secret Life of Bees". It was good, but not as good as "Bees".

More later, I have to get ready for work. Have a great day.

Love, Besh

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MaryAnn, I saw the pictures of your 3 grandkids over at the KT. Adorable! (all of you! LOL)

My DFIL is doing a bit better. We spent lots of time there this weekend. I got him to eat 2 pieces of pepperoni pizza and a piece of my homemade banana/almond bread. I made it with Splenda (he is diabetic), and he loved it! I was so pleased because he's not eaten really well during the last month. I think it's because my MIL is a lousy cook (she uses no pepper or salt---says everyone should add their own, but you need sometimes to use it in COOKING to make the flavor jump out at you). DFIL says most things don't taste 'right' to him. Well, this week, he's gonna get real Italian meatballs and pasta from me! Hah,...I fattened up his son, and I can fatten him up too, given the chance! LOL!!!

Seriously, his primary care guy gave him 6 months and suggested no more chemo. His (well-respected) oncologist has offered him a different chemo plan and hopes he can help him. DFIL wants to take it (MIL said "no", as if she gets a vote! LOL). He had one dose last week, and he goes in this week for another. I told MIL that it's his decision, and that she can be sure that he will tell her (and his doctor) when he's had enough. She's afraid of all the side effects....pullleeeez, the man wants to fight. Let him fight. Hands down...his decision. DH had some 'words' with his mom over this, as you can imagine. So it's day-to-day situation. This week, it's good, so we're thankful for that.

OK, I've got to get some work done here.

Nice to hear from all you MIA's. Keep it up!
Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!

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Lynn - I will spare you the singing - but I hope you had the best of birthdays. Sounds like Suzanne took good care of you. It is so nice having you here and I love to hear about your busy life.

Joanne - Good to hear from you. Congrats on the upcoming wedding - how exciting!!! French Lick was postponed and I don't believe another date has been picked or discussed. So stay tuned for an update.

NH Suzanne - what can I say? I am blown away by your experience with the animal communicator. I have been trying to get a friend to speak with one about her dog that has a very nasty disposition and is high strung. Sounds like you found a good one. I would stay in touch with her.

Now that Suzanne shared her story, I will share mine. When I went to my mother's house, a friend of mine came to visit she has a very well tuned "intuition". She told me that very soon one DD would have an allergy problem and the other would have a tooth problem - both minor. DD#1 called me 2 days later all stuffed up and just back from the Dr - being treated for tree pollen allergy - never had allergies before. Then DD#2 called to say that she bit into something and all the teeth in that area hurt - she has been putting off the dentist visit until her insurance kicks in next month. I had never told them about what my friend said, because I didn't want them to start looking for these problems. She also said that I would be trying something that I never did very soon - KAYAKING!!! I had already left a deposit on mine. She went on to say that DD#1 will be getting married in 2 years and told me the name of her future husband. This woman gave me the name of DD#2's first serious boyfriend a few years ago and was right. I could go on and on... She amazes me and I am a believer.

Besh - you don't know how many people I have given "Bees" too - that is one of my all time favorite books - thanks for mentioning it here.

Patti - sounds like you and Dave have been have a bit of fun - good for you!

Amy - I got your e-mail, but just before I went away for a few days, so didn't have time to respond. I now have a virus on my computer at home and won't use it until someone comes to remove it - Norton says it's low level, but I'm not taking any chances. We have another computer at home, but it has a broken keyboard and very frustrating to use. I am sneaking in this long post from work - it is really my day off, just helping out with phone duty. I promise to respond soon.

We had a wonderful weekend. Stayed with good friends and discussed our Tuscany Vacation for next April - YIPPPEEE. The next day we had my MIL's surprise party and it was quite a successful event - a lot of out of town relatives were there and she was surprised.

MaryAnn -that is definitely exercise!

BJ - Aren't you in KY? I got an e-mail from John and he loved your "box office" reference OF COURSE.

John said to say hello to everyone - he sounds busy and hopes to be back with us soon.

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DeeMarie - that must be a somewhat of a relief that DFIL is at least eating and that the Dr. is offering an option - I don't blame him for doing whatever he can and it would be nice if he was supported in his decision. He's lucky to have you in his corner.

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Thanks again for all the b-day wishes.... what a great place to come to. It was a nice day. Co-workers gave me balloons and a card and cake.....went out to eat at Iguana Mia's (mexican) You get a free lunch on you b-day. So I went with two co-workers. DH had dinner ready when I got home. It was a nice day. His B-day was Sunday, so we went out to dinner at a nice place to celebrate his and my
b-day. It is nice having our b-days so close.

Raeanne - good Luck with Kayaking, it is VERY popular here and looks like a lot of fun! It looks like exercise to me!

MaryAnn - yes picking up those kids is exercise!!!!!! and chasing after them ......

DeeMarie - your such a caregiver..... I bet you FIL just loves you!!!!!!

NH Suzanne - I would love to talk to a Pet communicator. I would love to know what is going on in my fur babies heads. I just may have to look them up.

A shout out "hello" to eveyone else.


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Good Afternoon,

I am in deadline and it feels like it's going to kill me! LOL Now I know for sure why they call it deadline.

Raeanne, your friend sounds very interesting. Did you ask her these questions or did she just come up with them? I am amazed at the intuition some people have.

DeeMarie, good news about DFIL. Who wouldn't want a piece of bananna almond bread!! LOL

Lynn, I can give you the name and number of the woman I used. She lives in Georgia and does work by telephone too. I think she is very good. I will include a link to her website as well.

The weather has been so cool and rainy that I haven't been doing any riding since I got home. I am dying to see if Sweet Pea rushes down the rocky slopes!

I hope everyone is having a good day. It's good to hear from everyone.

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Resh, I loved The Secret Life of Bees and am looking forward to The Mermaid Chair, although I have heard from others that it's not as good as Bees.

NHSuzanne, your story about the animal communicator is so cool!

DeeMarie, thanks for the nice words about my pictures. I always hate pictures of myself! Your Banana Almond bread sounds good. Could you share the recipe? I'm glad that your DFIL is doing better.

I've only lost 3 lbs so far with WW, but I'm hanging in there. I know that I need to exercise more, but I'm having a hard time getting motivated.

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Good WEDNESDAY morning!

MaryAnn, I'm at the office right now, but I'll try to remember to get you the recipe! Not sure what the points would be for a slice, but I might just try to work it out for you.

Make today count!

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Good Morning All,

MaryAnn, 3lbs down is a great start. Don't get discouraged.

I am still in deadline and I have to say that yesterday was one of the most stressful days of my entire career! Not sure why, probably the stars and the moon and the way they are aligned right now.

Raeanne, my horse friends and I have been talking about going to Tuscany for a year now! They have these great riding vacations where you ride through olive groves and vineyards and gorgeous country side. I really want to go..........

What is everyone up to this weekend.

QOD: Do you have black flies where you live?? If not, what other bitting insects plague you at this time of year?

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QOD: No black flies here, but mosquitoes are the state bird here! And yellow jackets are so bad the summer after a warm winter.

When we have parties or outside activities, we put buckets of dry ice in water around the perimeter of the party to draw the mosquitoes away. We also place a propane heater (or grill) turned on low and opened, of course, on the outskirt of the party to draw and kill mosquitoes away and kill them.

To keep the yellow jackets at bay, we go to the fish market before the party and ask for fish heads. We suspend the fish heads (on coat hangers) over buckets of soapy water (hidden in the bushes, so we don't gross out guests out) and when the yellow jackets fly into the bucket to eat the fish heads, they get heavy and fall in the soapy water and die. Since they are meat eaters and they love fish, they stay away from our food and concentrate on the diversion.

The things we do for social gatherings!

I am heading out on Thursday (yipes! That's tomorrow!) for Kentucky and the KY Derby festivities! I am so there and ready to drive the rolling, fresh cut bluegrass hills and take in the wild outfits and goings-on of the weekend!----not to mention, visiting my family!


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BJ - I thought I missed you - have a great trip - I know you always do. I never heard of your methods for getting rid of pesty bugs, but will print it out -not sure about the fish head thing though LOL.

NH Suzanne - We are so thrilled about going to Tuscany -we are planning a 2 week trip and renting a Villa. We won't be able to firm anything up until September - so I will have my fingers crossed until then. I hope your day is much better today.

QOD - YES, we have black flies from Mother's Day to Father's Day - give or take a few days and they LOVE me. We also have mosquitos and no-see-ums - they all LOVE me. Our best investment was our screened porch.

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Raeanne: Get the book on Italy from LONELY PLANET --- they put out the BEST books for travel -- all kinds of cool hidden spots to visit and they give great ideas for FANTASTIC, out-of-the-way places to eat! No matter where we go, we always leave space in our luggage for the Lonely Planet book for our destination. HEY!!!.......maybe I could get a gig doing ads for them! lol.

Maddie: A stranger in brown shorts may come to your door today. Hope he has good legs! He will have a small mysterious package for you. It is not what it SEEMS to be...Ariat horse riding boots? No, no. It is not. It is something else...but it DOES have to do with horses, in an exotic, disconnected way...

It's pouring rain here today and my cell phone died yesterday---just before my trip---OF COURSE! I am off to the Sprint store for a replacement. I hope they give me a break!

Raeanne-one more thing.....LIVE A LITTLE!!!!!!, for gawd's sake! Try the fish thing! ((((smoochie, sis))))

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Good day ladies......

I actually have seen the fish head solution in action and it did work. I also have seen ziplock bags filled with water and hung up by open doors and windows and the flys will not go near it.

We have a lot of noseeums. No mosquitos, which is a nice change.

Raeanne - Ahhh, I would love to go to Tusacany......I a green with envy!!!!!!

BJ...have a great trip. I will be watching the race, so I will look for you. (hahaha).

I have been looking yet again through my SS books. Will be taking baby steps to start it up. DH and I are in dire need of weight loss. We, especially me, are so uncomfortable, and so disapointed that we let ourselves go this far weight wise. If I don't do something, I won't make it til my next birthday. I can really start to feel stress on my body. NOT A GOOD SIGN, YA THINK!!!!!! We are going to team up strongly this time with no weakness. We are know for our weakness. Wish us luck. He really has to get off the insulin.

Take care --- drinks lots of water!!!!!!


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Hi all!

Lynn, I hope that you had a very nice B-day! Hang in there. You and your DH have a very good incentive to stick to it!

DeeMarie, I am glad that FIL is doing better.

Mary ann, 3lbs is great!! Keep it up!

Suzanne, I really enjoyed reading about the horse communicator!

Raeanne, how's the kayaking coming along? I have made myself a deal( Ha Ha!): If I can lose 30 lbs by the end of September, I am treating myself to a kayak. THAT"S incentive! :)

Patti, check your email! :)

Bj, Have fun in KY! I can't wait till you come out here!

Hi Joanne and Amy and Marci and Maddie!

QOD: We are not plagued by black flies here. We do have a large mosquito population but I ward them off by taking Vita B1 every day. They hate it! Fish heads, huh? lol!

Have a great day ladies!


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I'm sitting on the couch, just a sortin' and a throwin' and what do I hear??? A tap, tap, tap on the door, and so I trot on over, and YES! My wonderful UPS guy (who is not only cute, but very nice)is standing there with a boot box. Hmmmm... I says... me, did I get a horse and just not remember? Could be, ya know. I wonder where I put it? Sos, I gives him my autograph, and discover that the box is from BJ. Hmmmm... did I lose my mind and give BJ a horse?? I wouldn't think, but then again, you never know. Maybe she sent me a horse patty in gratitude. Maybe she is delusional and thinks she's the Godfather. Errrr.. God *mother*. Much prettier that Marlon Brando, in any case.

I open it, slowly, of course--heck, I never get nuttin', so I eeennnjjjoooyyy every minute when I do get a package. And what to my wondering eyes do appear??? The most drop dead, gorgeous, cherry-red Derby hat I've ever seen!!!! OMG! Ladies, it just so fabulous--the color is just stunning, and this hat is nicer then anything I've ever had. It had that sily satin, and some feathers, and a satin rose--unreal--and the shape looks good on me. I mean really! I have a hard time finding hats that I like that look good, and then poof! BJ finds the perfect one!

Now--since I have the distinct displeasure of not being at the track on Sat, and I going to carry this hat with me, and I ewill get a pic of me in this gorgeous thing in my fishing clothes! LOL

BJ--you, my beautiful sister--you're one in a million!

I love you--

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Maddie! Geez, I'm blushing.... Glad you liked the hat, but you have to know: When I saw it, I thought of YOU---no one but YOU! It was so, SO you! And so, naturally, there was no passing it up. I've been waiting to send it to you for the Derby weekend --- but it's a fishin' hat, auction hat, and it'll be a red hat society hat when you age a lot Happy you enjoyed the UPS delievery guy too....! Love you forever, sis!

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BJ & Maddie, that is just the sweetest thing! We have such a great group going here don't we ladies? I love being here and I love all my SS sisters!

Besh oxoxoxxo

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Maddie - and when you go to London, you can wear it there and everyone will think you were at the Royal Wedding!!! What a wonderful surprise - I'm sure that made your day.

BJ - you are so sweet and special - I'm so proud to call you sister.

Besh - I can feel the love.

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Yep, I'm definitely feeling the love around here!!!!!!

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Maddie, I want to know what all the "snortin and throwin" was about minutes before the UPS man arrived????? LOL

Yes, I feel the love here too. It's a good thing.

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Okay, you guys!

Time to pick a horse for the DERBY!

Post your choice before Saturday!

Mine's "Closing Argument". I had to choose this one since DH is in law school......

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OK, I am partial to Buzzards Bay, because I love Cape Cod! But I have to go with Afleet Alex because that is my sons name (Alex, not Afleet!). DH and I are going to a Derby Party on Saturday, hats required! Maddie can I borrow yours?

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My very first pick was Going Wild, then after reading the names I picked Flower Alley and then I had to look at the pictures and fell in love with Andromeda's Hero... So I am going with Andromeda's Hero for 1st Place, Flower Alley for show and Going Wild for place LOL.

Dee - any update on DFIL?

A busy day, my day off, but went in at 7:30 to help do flyer's, etc. for an open house, then off to food shopping, a quick paddle in the bay and now cleaning my house for company tomorrow.

Still doing well with SSing, but I don't think I am losing right now, maybe my paddling will boost my metabolism.

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My picks are the same as Raeanne's! I admit to not paying too much attention to the Derby, but we hit the races here at Santa Anita at least once a year. I hope that you have a LOT of fun, BJ! DH worked for a company who sponsored a "Day At The Races" each year. Dining, dancing, great BBQ and free tickets! That was sure a lot of fun! Our tradition is to go to the track the day after Christmas. I almost never win... : )

QOD: what fun thing have you got planned for the next week? ( BJ, we KNOW what you're doing!!)

I am going up the mountain to Crestline, to visit a friend for the day next Wednesday. I am really looking forward to the mountain air, the quiet (till we girls get talking). This has been a difficult week and I am glad for a planned getaway! What is everybody up to?

Raeanne, I am paddling vicariously with you!


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Well, since my first name begins with "Mad", I'll have to go with: "Don't get mad". The last time I was at Derby, I bet on a horse that I swear is still running somewhere in downtown Louisville! LOL!

Besh--you certainly may! I wish I'd have know, I'd have sent you one--:):)

NHSuzanne--well, it was the mail actually. Went Something like this:

Me: "Oh goody--a coupon for Olive Garden!"
Me: "SH!T--cable bill!"
Me: "Heyyy! Freebie at Kroger"
Me: "&%*@! Electric bill!"
Rog: "Are you talking to yourself again?"
ME: "Yep--it's the only way to get an intelligent conversation 'round here." (Hubby has PMS)

And so forth.....

So when the hat was opened, Rog made the comment that I'd look real good when I paid the cable and electric bill at Kroger.

Give 'em credit--he can run real fast...



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Happy Friday everyone!

Thank God it's Friday for me! What a week.

We are expecting monsoons here this weekend which is very disappointing. I was hoping to get Sweet Pea in harness but it's probably not going to happen now :(

I will take the rainy weekend to get my tack cleaned. I have to get on a conditioning regiment for my horses as next month we are going to Acadia National Park in Maine where there is over 50 miles of driving roads for horses. I cannot wait!!

My KY Derby pick is Bandini.

Check in everyone....

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Hi goils!

Well, we're getting ready to leave for Canada--see you all on the 14th (or so!)

Behave, everyone! LOL!



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Maddie - have a great trip. I expect pictures of you fishin' in that fancy hat of your's.

NH Suzanne - I love Acadia and haven't been there in years. We are going to get the rain too :-(

Tikanis - I'm not far from the Saratoga Race Track and try to get there a couple of times over the summer. I really don't enjoy betting, but I love watching the horses. I paddled this morning for an hour - I ventured out further than I normally do, but I was with a friend. It was just so peaceful - just the 2 of us and the ducks. We didn't see or hear a motor boat the entire time and the water was like glass.

I am heading home shortly and going to make some shrimp cocktail for my company - we are heading out to dinner, just meeting at my house for drinks. (NOT ME)

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I don't know who to pick for the KT Derby. I've never even been to a horse race! They did open the Retama Race center in San Antonio a few years back. Guess I should go see what it's all about.

Have a good trip Maddie!

aka_Raeanne, I went to a meeting last night and ate nachos and washed them down with a large margarita! I hated to step on the scales this morning, but was surprised to see that I was down another ½ pound! Yeah!

My DIL is coming by for me in a few minutes. She's bringing the twins and their stroller. And we are going to the track for some walking. I'm so glad to get back into a walking schedule!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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MaryAnn - I wanna go on your diet - margarita sounds real good right now. Enjoy your walk with the twins and DIL.

I was hoping to catch a little power nap this afternoon, but that wasn't in the cards for me. I have been up since 6:00 and don't want to poop out on my company.

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Tikanis - if any of our horses come in - we will be rolling in the money. I never looked at the odds until this morning. Adromedas Hero 50-1, Flower Alley 40-1 and
Going Wild 60-1!!! What chance do you think we have LOL?

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Well, Raeanne, I don't think our chances look too hot! But then again, we'd have to actually BET THE MONEY to win....

Maddie, have a wonderful vacation!

Suzanne, You guys are getting rained out today?

Mary Ann, Your margarita and nacho diet sounds good to me!

It is overcast and cool here today. I got up at the crack of dawn a spent a couple of hours weeding and tying up tomatoes in the garden. I have 16' of staked tomatoes and 16' supported by the "Florida Weave" as a comparison test on the two methods. I harvested a ton of carrot, onion, lettuce, radish, bok choy, cabbage, and chard.

Housework planned for the rest of the day, Spending the day with the kids for Mother's day tomorrow.

Happy Mother's day to all Mamas of human AND animal babies : )


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Happy Mother's Day to all that nurture those in need - don't forget to do something nice for yourself.

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Happy Mother's Day!!! Kick back and relax! :-)

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Happy Mother's Day to all!


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Tikanis - I don't know about you, but I'm glad I saved my $2.00 bet LOL.

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