XM Radio work with Bose? Something else?

slc2053May 11, 2007

We love XM radio and want to listen to it in our kitchen. However, we don't have stereo system that is small, and somewhat inconspicuous, to hook it to. We had a boom box type of thing, but it's junk. We were looking at a mini-stereo system, but they are still too large (requiring a base) for our needs. We called Bose and they said their Wave radio would work, so we bought it and we bought the mini-stereo cable to hook it up. Well, we got the radio and the sound was great, that is until we hooked up the XM radio to it. The sound level was barely audiable (unless you really cranked up the volume) and the sound quality was poor with the XM. Unplug it and the "regular" radio sounded great, plug it in and the XM radio sounded slightly muffled with some static. We plugged in a pair of headphones and, again, the sound quality was bad. So we called Bose and they suggested returning it and they'd send another one, thinking that the jack in the back of the radio was bad.

Any of this sound familiar to anyone or does anyone have any idea what the problem is if we expereince the same thing with the next Bose radio we expect to receive in a few days?

Finally, what can we get (if the Bose doesn't work out) to listen to satellite radio that provides quality sound, but small enough not to take up half our kitchen counter?

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Did you get the new Bose yet?

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jdbillp...supposedly it is on its way..shipped Tues or Wed. I'm anxious to try it and I will post results either way!


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The XM tuner should have a volume level adjustment in the menu. Did you adjust this control after connecting to the Bose?

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Yes, we did adjust the volume on the tuner....thanks for the suggestion though!

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Got the new radio and the XM radio seems to be working much better with it. There is a sound difference when switching between the two, but it subtle compared to before and Bose said that there would be some difference..so, problem solved.

Now, another question...I hate that Bose radio has its antenna in the power cord. We want to plug in the radio in an outlet directly behind it on our counter but have no where for the cord to go except for tying up the extra but the instructions say to completely unwind it because that is the radio antenna...this sucks when you're trying to hide cords...what do you do??????????

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