Thread Jamming in Janome 300E

babygoinplacesNovember 29, 2005

I have used my Janome 300E for a couple of weeks with no problems at all. Last nite I was doing a tiny cross stitch pattern and the thread jammed up on me underneath the design. I took it apart, got loose threads out of the bobbin area, rethreaded the machine, etc. It kept happening. I let the machine rest and stitched out a beautiful design today for my son's Christmas present. I got started on #2 a bit later and all it will do is jam! I'm to the point now where I have to go buy more fabric for his blanket because I have had to cut off 9" twice, affecting the length!

What is making it jam? Tension? Thread? Any ideas?

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I am not an expert but have you given the bobbin area a good cleaning out? Sometimes fuzzies can affect machine operation.

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Cross stitch is dense so you may have to add some more stabilizer on top or underneath or adjust the tension a bit tighter. If you are using fleece, try using a ball point needle and cut-away stabilizer.

Since you have the scraps, I would do some test runs to make sure you have the best combination before ruining more good fabric.

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Hope someone reads this...ha

I tried Madeira polyester thread and it loops like crazy on my 300e - tried different backings, fabrics, tensions, and i never made it through a monogram without loops!

I want to use polyester for it's durability, has anyone worked with isacord poly on their 300e?

otherwise, i'll go with the madeira rayon...


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It could well be the design has not been well digitised. There may be a part that is wa too dense. Try a design that you know stitches out well. On fleece, I use WSS on both sides and have had no problems.
Ahhprods, my 300E loves the Mettler poly threads.

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I have a 300E and have had several problems as you described. It seems that if I just wait until the next day they will stitch. I think there may be better embroidery machines out there. My Husband bought this for me last Christmas and bought a Janome bacuse I have a Janome 4800 and Absolutley LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

As far as the best thread. I have tried it all. Mine seems to have a problem with breaking the thread. I have just leaned that I will probable have to stop and start several times to get a design done.

I am in agreement that you should use a heavy washable stabalizer on both sides. I do this on my towels and it seems to help.


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I don't have any of these problems with my 300E. Perhaps you're using a bad type of needle. I use a Schmetz universal for EVERYTHING and don't have thread breaks, tangles, messes etc. I use Maderia rayon or Mettler poly and sometimes cheapy threads from the internet.
Are you keeping the bobbin area clean? It is an excellent machine.

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