Neighbors moved & left a H-U-G-E trash pile!

mommabirdJuly 25, 2009

Neighbors about 5 houses down moved last week and left Mount Trashmore in the front yard. It is HUGE - looks like 3/4 of the contents of the house dumped into a huge pile in the front yard. It goes from the curb to 1/2 way across the yard.

I haven't seen a For Sale sign and there is still not one, so I am afraid they might have been forclosed & set out of their house. That just breaks my heart because they have 2 kids just out of high school who still lived at home - maybe 18 and 19.

It has rained 3 or 4 times since the trash mount appeared and it's getting to be a real soggy mess.

Some people did "trash pick" the first day - I saw people stopping.

My question is - if the bank forcloses on your house, does someone actually come in and throw all your stuff outside at the curb? I have heard of people being "set out" of their house during the Great Depression, but does it still happen? I hope these people actually moved and just left the pile, and that my worst fears are unfounded. I haven't talked to their next door neighbors to find out.

I am going to call the city trash department Monday morning to see if they can do anything about the trash pile. This is a very nice neighborhood so it's a real eyesore.

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Cities will sometimes fine the owner for this. If no owner(bank owned) it will attach to the property taxes. Also if no one comes to pick it up the city may, then attach those charges to the property tax.
If it is a rental the owner has to pay. There is a rental house near me. I found the owner on-line through the property tax records and called him and complained and told him I also called the city. He said he was fined for it and is having trash hauled away the next day. I think he was a younger guy that got in over his head buying and renting a distressed property. I did mention I didn't like that rental properties never care for their yard, let weeds grow, looks a mess. I asked him how would he like it if he had these type of houses near him, yes mam, I wouldn't like it either.

I think he was upset that I actually called him at first. How did I get his phone #. I told him it was public record and look his name up in the phone directory.

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with the state of the economy this is happening more and more. in an eviction they may force you out of the house, along with your belongings. but many folks today simply take what they need/can and leave the rest for the bank to deal with. maybe the bank piled it up for normal trash pickup and it was just more than the city would haul off, who knows.

i know that if i were foreclosed on and forced from my home i would simply leave anything i could not take/did not want/need anymore. why should i go thru the effort to clean out the house that is no longer mine? and no, i am not being foreclosed on nor close to being in danger of it yet.

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You are not going to believe this! Today the house that is 2 houses on down from the Mt. Trashmore house has its own Mt. Trashmore!

I hope to Heaven that my neighbors are not being forclosed and set out! The real estate market has stayed very strong in my area and we haven't had any forclosures at all. But now there are 2 suspicously empty houses in a just a few days with HUGE piles of stuff at the curb.

I got so busy at work today that I forgot to call the city trash department. Will do that tomorrow.

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I hope that you can get both trash piles removed ASAP. It's sort of like graffiti...... once it is there, it is an invitation to more.

Is there any way you can find out if the homes are foreclosures? That could be very scary!

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So what happened?

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Update- both trash piles disappeard the same day. I'm not sure if it was city trash pickup or private hauling. The first house is still empty. The second one was just a major garage & basement purge - that family is still in their house.

Then, a few days later, ANOTHER trash pile just as big appeared in front of house #1 and is still there. It's weird! House is still dark & unoccupied. I've asked a few neighbors and no one knows what is going on.

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