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nhsuzanneMay 16, 2005

Good Morning All,

Wake up and tell us how your weekend was.

Raeanne, did you finish your laundry? I was not ambitious either. Nasturiums would make a nice compliment to the herb pot they are cheerful, colorful and edible. I will keep thinking. Pansies too but they wane with the summer heat and won't last too long.

We need to hear from Marci and Gretchen. It's been too long since we heard from you both. Patti, you too.

More later, I do have some horse tales from the weekend.

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Good Morning Suzanne - thanks for starting us. Yes, I did get all my laundry done and really that was all I did LOL. I did make a very nice dinner, but that didn't cause me to exert much energy.

It's time to hear from all the MIA's, come out, come out, wherever you are.

DeeMarie - when do you leave on your adventure?

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Good Morning. Happy Monday Everyone.

NH Suzanne - looking forward to the horse tales.... they are always good ones.

Had a good weekend. Went to two Fort Myers Miracle Baseball games and went out on our boat Sunday with another couple. We saw some of the airshow at Fort Myers Beach and went to lunch. Did absolutely NO HOUSEWORK this weekend. So needless to say DH and myself will do it tonight....or tomorrow...or the day after that......LOL.

What did everyone else do over the weekend?

Does anyone on this thread watch the show Veronica Mars? I like it and wanted to get someone else's take on it, especially last weeks show.

QOD: What is your favorite candy bar?

Reminder: Drink lots of water today.


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Good MONDAY morning!

Raeanne, I think we leave this Saturday...I say "think" because I've been in bed for that last 2 days with congestion....coughing and dead tired. I have a 2:45pm appointment with my GP today and on Thursday, by girlfriend got me an appointment with a really good pulmonary guy. I cannot go cross-country feeling like this. Hopefully, they can get me feeling good enough to enjoy my trip.

QOD: I don't have a favorite candy bar; not much for desserts.

Gotta run...trying to work a bit from home today (in between naps).

Feel good everyone!
Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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DeeMarie, ((((((hugs)))))) hope you are feeling better soon.

QOD: I almost never eat candy bars but one of my favorites is Reeses Peanut Butter Cups..............

Lynn, I don't watch Veronica Mars. I have never even heard of it.

Does anyone watch ER???? John Carter is moving back to Africa I hate to see him leave. I love him and his character. I hate getting attached to TV characters. What a loser!! LOL

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My weekend was a whirlwind of excitment and non-stop activities! Wednesday is when my parents leave and I will be ready for some sack time---and I mean SLEEP! They wear me O-U-T!

QOD: I think my favorite is a York Peppermint Patty candy. Coming in 2nd is Junior Mints fresh from the freezer, and 3rd is Cup O' Gold candy bars. I can go on, but I might make myself go into craving mode! lol!

I don't watch Veronica Mars or ER. I watch 2 shows: Survivor and Family Plots!

All for right now....

Maddie? Marci? Patti? Gretchen? Come out and play!

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Did everyone watch the Survivor finale last night? Raeanne, your boy Ian redeemed himself in the end, but I really didn't think he played unfairly. No different than anyone else. I would have been happy with him or Tom winning. The final 2 girls didn't do anything as far as I'm concerned. I have to say my favorite character was Coby. He was just himself and not afraid to be just that. Oh well, now we have to wait until fall......

I am also hooked on American Idol for the first time. I want Bo to win, or I would be happy to see Vonzell go all the way. And I am also hooked on Desperate Housewives!!!! But those are really the only 3 shows I watch. It works out good, because I get my laundry folded!

QOD: Milky Way and a good old fashion Hershey Bar. Lately I am hooked on these WW bars (1 point), which is a good thing.

Have a nice evening!

Love, Besh

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Besh - Ian is Marci's boy LOL. But I was rooting for him because of that and I don't think he did anything that was so bad - afterall, they have to realize everyone is going to do whatever they can to win the million. I hope Tom share's it with him LOL. I don't really watch Survivor, but I started to when Stephanie was the only one on her tribe and I was hooked. I really wanted to see her win.

I am hooked on American Idol and am a Bo fan and I love Desperate Housewives - I wish there were more shows like that on the air.

QOD - I love Reese's Peanut Buttercups or Sticks, but I think Peanut M&M's are my all time favorite.

BJ - Your parents must need a vacation after visiting with you.

NH Suzanne - I haven't watched ER that much this year - it seemed to change too much for me and I wasn't enjoying it as much as I used to.

DeeMarie - ((((((HUGS))))) will send tons of positive energy - we must get you better. Stay strong and follow Dr's orders.

Just took a 45 minute walk with my friend - we had a nice walk and some good laughs.

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Hi goils!

We got back late Saturday night--and lemme tell ya---


I love Canada, and having Rog to myself for a whole week just makes things better. Throw in no phone (access at a tromp-to-get-to truck stop), no TV, no radio, and that's a recipe for pure heaven to me! No huge pike this time, but several in the 4/5 pound range. We tried for lake trout, but didn't even get a sniff at 'em. Then, the weather got cooooold--mid 20s, and it was sleeting on Friday, so we didn't fish. Wonderful trip--I hated to come home!

Dee--(((hugs!!))) Sweetie, I hope you get to feeling better!

BJ--please give your mom and dad a hug and kiss from me! I swear, you have the most wonderful family--and I'm soory I didn't get to see your beautiful face--but I will next year--no more vacations aeound Derby! (((((smootchies!!)))

Yeah--where is Marci? KYSusie? Patti? Helllooooo!!!! Come out where ever you are!

QOD--Crunch. $100,000 bar. KitKat. Rare treats, but I do induldge once in a while!

Hope all is well--



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Hi everyone! We had a fun weekend too. We had planned to go on the Poker run, but it was canceled because of rain. The rain only lasted about 30 minutes, and the sun came out beautifully. So we rode all day. I forgot to use sun screen, so ended the day with a red nose. LOL

We ran around all weekend, ate and drank too much, and now I'm trying to get back on track.

DeeMarie, hope you are feeling better real soon and have a great trip!!!

QOD - I think I like them all and it would be so hard to come up with 2 or 3 favorites. But...I very seldom eat any candy, unless I get weak and make fudge.

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*pokes his head in*

runs off to get a butterfinger....

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Good Morning All,

John, what a tease! Stop in and let us know how you in love perhaps??????

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John, John, John!!!!!! Put that Butterfinger down and stop in long enough to give us an update! We miss you!

I'm on 3 more house looks like a clinic. Betwee me and DH, there are dozens of prescription meds to take on holiday. I'm confused, bewildered and still coughing. Wish me luck!

Survivor: DH and I decided to root for Tom early on because (big surprise!) he's a NY firefighter; they can do no wrong in our eyes. Running in burning buildings ranks high up there in our book; and from what I've heard, they can really use the money. Congrats, Tom!!!


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I am poking my head in too! We just got back from 5 days in sunny Florida and I have to go back to school today. It is hard for me to adjust to this COLD weather and getting back into work mode.

I called Patti while I was in Florida and she says to say Hi. She and Dave are getting over sinus infections and coughs, so send them some healing thoughts.

I'll be back later today and fill you in on our adventures in the sun.

QOD - M&Ms!!!!!!


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Good Morning....

QOD: I am with Besh on this one.... milky way and then Hersey bars, plain or with Almonds.... Yummy.

Marci - where in FL did you go? Your son lives here now right??? Or am I totally wrong.

So, I see no one watches Veronica Mars.... bad news for me will probably get cancelled. Figures.

I want Carrie to win on American Idol.

Take care have a great day and drink lots of water.


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I am so far behind! i need to catch up on everybody's posts!

DeeMarie, I hope that you feel better soon. We don't want this to mess with your trip!!

Raeanne, I hate when laundry piles up..... My walking buddy is moving away : (

Maddie, it sounds like a fun trip!

Suzanne, I'd like to hear the horse tales too.

Lynn, I love baseball (we are BIG Dodger fans here!) I have never heard of Veronica Mars....

Marci, tell us all about Florida!

I don't watch American Idol but I AM hooked on Desperate Housewives! That show is just so darn funny with all its twists and turns!

QOD: I don't eat much candy but would have to say Peppermint patties or M&Ms.

I am drinking plenty of water. I'm on glass #4 so far...

'back later!


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Hi John, long time no see.

I was passing by, too, and the candy question got me. I've thought about this before, actually. I think it depends on the mood I'm in. I like crunchy stuff and chocolate and mint. I like the low carb mint crisp bars. For regular candy, I like kit-kats, choc-covered mint, choc-covered peanuts or almonds, but I like raspberry-filled things, too, and while we're at it, I like lemon tarts and hot chocolate(yes, I know that's not candy.) And I like chocolate chip mint ice cream and butter pecan and.....*goes off to make some low carb chocolate ice cream*

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(in my best Dilbert 'voice'):


It's a ma-yyun! JOHN! How absolutely wonderful to get a glimpse of you again! You get your sweet self back in here, and tell us what's going on!

Marci--ahhhhhh. Flordia.....i can almost see the sun now! Details, please, so I can warn up through you! :):)

I had a long talk with a good friend/former co-worker that still works for the company that I left last May. She is so sweet, and smart, and for whatever reason, her boss is treating her like sh!t, and making her worklife h3ll. (Now, I adore her boss-as a friend--and we are--but I couldn't work for her--she is a CPA and a perfectionist.) My bud is just so confused, and has tried talking to her boss, but boss l;ady hasn't spoken to her since Friday afternoon. (It's now Tuesday evening.) Co-worker is in the same boat that I was in--no help, no guidance, no support, and gawd help you if (when, of course) you made a mistake. (These are internal mistakes--the clients never gets to see them, so while they're a PITA, they don't see the light of day.) I feel so bad for her--she's very smart and conscencious, and shouldn't have to take that cr@p. What we do (me--did) is so specialized that there are only about 100 or so of us in this area, so it's not that easy to get a simular position in this field.

Anyhoo--send her good vibes it you think about it--her name is Mary. :):)



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Maddie - I know you can relate to your friends problems - I will keep her in my thoughts. I was just thinking of you, because I had to file a BBB claim with Philips Electronics based in Louisville.

We purchased a TV last July and in February it broke - while under warranty, that's easy, take to the repair guy and have it fixed, WRONG, it has been at the repair shop waiting for the parts to come in. They promised us a month ago that the guy would have them in 5 days. I have gotten used to the tiny little TV we are currently using - until the cable guy walked into our house yesterday and burst out laughing at it LOL. So after the 100th phone call I filed a complaint - the first time I have ever done that. We will see where that gets us.

Marci - I forgot you were going to FL - tell us more.

John - a tease as usual. Tell me what you decided on the kayak.

Dee - besides the meds, what did the doc say?

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Hello Ladies,

Fate saved me from the butterfinger, the machine was only taking exact change and I only had 3 quarters, so was 5 cents off.. I had some dried apricots instead :)

Let me say it was no easy feat getting back in here. They no longer take payments by mailing them in, so I had to deal with paypal. Last year I gave up on them. I forgot my password from an old account and my credit card changed and I didnt keep the old one.. so after tons of email back and forth with them I gave up. This time I just made a new email and tried to make a new account.. again I had all kinds of issues and it ended up that my cookie settings were too secure. So after the 10th try it finally went through.. all that for $15! but its over and done with.

They also toned down the security here at work so I can reach the site again, that could change again soon but hopefully im not here at the hospital much longer.

Ive been lurking though, and keeping up a bit with whats going on. Its good to see some new names and always good to see the ole timers (no pun intended!).

For thoes who do not know me; I found the site when I started on the SS plan about 5 or 6 years ago. Im a guy :) 34, and live in southern NH, about 60 miles north of Boston. Ive been overweight since about the 7th grade, got down to a slim 170 pounds when I was in the army and ballooned up to 260 about 3 years after I got out and stayed there a few years. Thats about when I found this gem of a place and since then lost and have maintained 30 pounds. I never expect to get back down to 170, I wasnt very happy or comfortable that thin anyhow, but I would like to get back down to under 200. Low carb diets never did work well for me, I lost a whole 1 pound on the Atkins plan, and nothing on SS after over 2 months on each. The way I did loose weight was cutting out the junk food, fast food, and pre packaged crapola, and exercising! Last month my Dr dropped the bomb on me and told me im a diabetic type 2 and my blood pressure is on the high side, so now I have more reasons than vanity to drop some weight. Ive made some pretty decent lifestyle changes so far, cut out a lot of salt, made the computer at home off limits (mainly because I sit in front of one all night at work), stopped smoking, but still have a few to go. I need to exercise more and get off the night shift. The problem I seem to have is that I work overnights, so when I get out of work im beat. It also makes it harder to find people to do activities with as im sleeping or working when they are off. I also work every other weekend so that doesnt help. So thats my story and im sticking to it.

Whats been new? well im waiting to hear on a new job. I will find out wed/thur. Its days and I would be managing a product line for a petroleum company. They pay is nice and its a 10 min walk from my place, and it would be great to go back to a normal 8-5 job and have my weekends off. Im keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

Ive been datting on and off, some good some bad, but always interesting. Ive been seeing the current vicitm since last july. Weve been taking it fairly slow and really only have been serious about it for the last 4 or 5 months. I was working an odd schedule last fall and she was busy trying to sort out her health, so we would be lucky to see each other once a week. Thats gotten a little better. There is more to the story, but its long and complicated, perhaps another day :)

To help us get more exercise we just bought kayaks. The budget was kinda tight so I ended up getting a recreational one that is good for flat water paddling on lakes and easy rivers. Its a Palmico 100, and I got a good deal on it over the web by getting it shipped to a local store where I can pick it up soon I hope! Its a plastic boat and only 10ft, but I was able to pick it up with all the gear for just under $500. I only have a 12 ft wall to store it on, so that kind of limited me as well. There is a huge lake about 5 miles from my house where I can plop it in and get some exercise and a nice view. Its our towns water supply so there are no large boats, swiming or jet skis allowed, so its nice and quiet and has lots of wild life, a good portion of it borders the Audobon societys preserve. I cant wait to get up there and paddle around in the mornings. We also plan to do some river and camping trips this summer.

Well that about wraps it up, a small book too!

Its good to be back and nice to see you all, take care everyone and keep the faith!


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Good Morning!

John - What a pleasant surprise to see you posting again. Sounds like you are on the right track in your life. Keep us posted on the job situation.

MagicKitty - My son does lives in Florida, in St. Petersburg. We went to visit him and see his apartment.

The weather was great!!!!!! Low humidity, nice breeze and highs in the mid 80s. Came home to a high of 52 in Pittsburgh, but that is supposed to change today.

We went boating at The Pier, went on a dolphin watch, walked the beach at Fort DeSota Park, went to a wedding on Indian Rocks Beach, (almost went kayaking), and just generally enjoyed ourselves. DS bought a new car while we were there, so we tooled around in that for a few days. It was just nice to get away. I felt like I was playing hooky. :~)

I can't complain about school, because next Friday is my last day. We will be busy with graduations and end of year parties so the time will fly.

I am looking forward to getting back into my early morning walks once school is out. I have been trying to eat sensibly and stop when I am full. I am still keeping a log on but haven't been brave enough to step back on the scale.

I still need to catch up on the threads from the past week.
Hugs to those that need them!


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Hi All! I had the most wonderful surprise when Marci called. Dave & I both had been on our death beds or we would have tried to convince her to at least meet in person for a moment or two. We were both too sick to help each other & our friends were out of town. The rest of them are too old to be of any assistance or else they have headed North. I'm yelling for Bo. I wish that I could address everybody, I feel bad when I don't, but I need to get ready to go to the pain management doctor. I leave on Memorial Day to go see my oldest niece graduate from high school & to see my sons. I'm afraid this may be the last time that they live in the same town. (Just don't ever know!) Shout out to everyone! Welcome back, John & Amy & KY Susie! Patti :)

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Hey, everyone!

Let's get reconnected!

Check in with your stay-on-track plan for the weekend!

Mine's trying to drink 48 ounces of water Saturday and Sunday. I hate drinking water!

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QOD: will try to behave myself while on our trip in that RV! I'm packing lots of Fruit 2O, low-point protein bars, and fresh and dried fruit.

I'll miss you all and will try to check in once we are onboard. We're taking the Celebrity Infinity to Alaska, leaving 28-May.

John: Keep up with us, please. I've missed you and so glad that life is treating you well. Loved reading about your little 'squeeeeeezzeeeee huggy honey"! LOL

Patti/Dave: Be well, and check in with us when you can. We all care about you.

Marci, I've missed you. Glad you had some time to kick back.

Raeanne, I went to a lung specialist yesterday. He said I'm OK for the trip. He scheduled a followup CTScan for me in July. There is scar tissue on the left lung from this (and previous?!) pneumonia. The right lobe has a few tiny nodules (3mm - 4mm). We will keep an eye on those, and if they reach about 10mm, they biopsy them. I'm not concerned right now about that. We'll wait and see what it all looks like in July.

BJ, you are still my inspiration. Want me to get you anything in alaska? Let me know asap, OK?

My only regret about this trip is that we will not be travelling through any of your towns. I wish we were, but it's not to be. Tikanas, we may stop to see my friend and goddaughter in the Cypress area, but not long enough to find you. :-(

In case I don't get back here for a week or so, take care of yourselves and make each other laugh!!

NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP! (even if you are facing 12 nights at sea on a ship that serves gourmet food!!!)
Love ya,

PS: I'm bringing along my exercise clothes.

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Bon Voyage DeeMarie - seems like I say that a lot to you. Have a safe and fun time - I will keep you in my thoughts!

BJ - I'm here, checking in and right on track. I think the nuts have caused a stall, but I'm not ready to give up my one dietary pleasure at the moment.

NH Suzanne - you would be proud of me backing that truck down these long narrow roads LOL. That's because there isn't much traffic right now - but once it gets crowded, I will be a maniac.

John - Does your Palmico have that wonderful comfortable seat? All my friends have these beautiful sleek kayaks, but they are all jealous of the seat in mine.

On Wednesday, 4 of us went to a little lake outside of town and spent over 2 hours paddling about. We were the only people on the entire lake. This morning I paddled for an hour with my friend, parts of the lake were a bit choppy, but it was good practice for me.

Aside from planting flowers throughout the town, paddling, walking with my friend, my art class and working my days off - nothing much has been happening here.

Marci - good luck with all the end of the year festivities. Glad you got out to see your son. Was that a little weird? The first time I went to visit my daughters in their new apartment - I felt like I was visiting old friends - not my kids - except that I had a huge care package in tow LOL.

Have a great weekend.

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Hi All!

Bon Voyage, DeeMarie! If your California plans change, let me know. My parents lived in Cypress and it's only 30 minutes from here! Have a WONDERFUL trip! I would love to see photos...

Nice to "meet you" John!

Marci, have fun with all of the end of the year goings on at school!

Raeanne, Your kayaking sounds like a blast! Take photos....

Bj, any news on your trip to California? I can't wait!

Patti and Dave, I hope that you feel MUCH better. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

This weekend I have to catch up on my gardening. I have a party to attend tomorrow evening, a movie planned for tonight. It is HOT here!!! So glad for my new air conditioner!!

QOD: Keep up with water intake and recording on

Have a great weekend everybody!


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Raeanne - My son had to remind me that I didn't have to clean or rearrange anything, that this was his space! LOL
It was fun seeing his personality in the furniture he bought and his decorating style. And I LOVED his new car, a Toyota Scion TC. Now I want one, and he laughed, but I was serious!

We held graduation practice today and I can hardly believe the end of the year is so close which made me feel sad. At the same time, part of me can hardly wait. One of my favorite students made us pillows. They are similar to the one step flannel blankets that are tied together. I told her that I love gifts that come from the heart. We have already received 3 plants, 3 gift certificates, a Willow tree angel and some olive oil and a seasoning packet. The seasoning packet was made by our special needs kids that come with an aide from The Watson Institute. They were so excited that they made us something. I really do get overwhelmed by all the kindness we are shown.

DeeMarie - My sister has been to Alaska 3 times and that is her all time favorite cruise. You will have a great time.

BJ - I am determined to exercise both days this weekend and limit my snacking. I tend to go off track on the weekends.

My DD is getting ready to leave to go back to school tomorrow to start her internship. It is going to be quiet here this summer and I am not sure I like that idea. But we are going to start painting DS's old room and start turning it into an office/guest room. I am itching to get started.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Went to the Dr. yesterday & had lost 6# in I think 3 months. Whatever, I'll take it! LOL You have all inspired me to be better about drinking my water too. I was going to wait until I got back from TX but why wait? I shouldn't put it off.

Shout out to everyone! Hope you are all having a great weekend! Patti & Dave :)

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