Toilet Henge

musicgalJuly 24, 2014

I guess I could have taken this over to gardening somewhere- but it seemed to fit in well with the home disasters theme.

This display is on view from a major backroad on my commute from my rental to my build site. Enjoy.

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Well, lets see! 1 mad at neighbors 2 they think it's art & their own "garden junk statement" 3 they are lazy & just leave everything laying around. My guess would be #3.

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sunnyca- they are laid out in a perfect circle, with the exception of the toppled one- pretty much like the famed henge in England. So, it seems to be a statement of sorts :)

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I did notice it looked almost like they could sit around on them-scary!! But I do know of couple of people that have magazine racks in their bathroom so I guess "Some like to sit a spell!" LOL

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Art is in the eye of the beholder.

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They could be astronomically aligned;-)

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It looks like their firepit area. Goodner.

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I read awhile back about some kind of dispute between a small business owner and the town. Apparently they passed an ordinance requiring landscaping along the curb strip, this guy had been there for years and he had no interest in spending the effort. They told him he had to, so he spaced several old toilets along there and planted flowers in them. The neighboring businesses complained and the town was not too happy either, but there were no specific requirements or prohibitions, so it was legal.

Not a great way to win friends and influence people, but sometimes you can get away with it.

Let's come up with something you could do to make this even more fun. Like stopping by to lift all the lids and place a log sticking up out of each one. Or stick plungers onto the tanks. Or fill them up with potting soil and flowers!

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toxcrusadr- I would not set foot on the property, but I am going to try to get a better pic from the main road. It's a busy little road and I don't want to get hit while taking a picture of a toilet circle. That would make for a poor obit.

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"Tragic Toilet Photo Accident Claims Local Woman." Yeah, that does not sound good.

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Tox-lol. I had another chance yesterday to take a better pic, but it was around quitting time and the vehicles were flying past me. The folks that put out the "henge" spruced it up recently. So, as folkart goes, it is not neglected.

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