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marci_paMay 3, 2010

I'll start us off with these adorable pictures of Donna's new pups. Misty is on the left and Callie is on the right.

Have a great day!

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How sweet. I love dogs and we have one that is almost 11 years old and a mixed breed. He had been abused and in 4 homes by the time he was 4 or 5 months old. He has had a lot of medicial expnsive issues but I am so glad to have him. He arrived 20 days before my partner passed away suddenly. He has been a wonderful friend to me and I love him so much!!

Hope eveyone has a great week and may we all be able to post losses on the weigh in posting.

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Donna - they are the sweetest! I know it was worth the wait and the disappointment prior to their arrival. They look like they settled in nicely.

Ivamae - my mutt is 16 years old, we rescued her from a shelter. They do fill a void, glad he could be of comfort to you in a time of great need.

Looks like everyone is busy. I am too but wanted to check-in since it's been a while. Was in NYC this weekend - MIL's 90th birthday celebration. I forgot how much I dislike hot and humid NYC days. We did have a lot of fun, especially seeing some relatives we haven't seen in years.

I am less than 2 weeks away from the girlfriends getaway and will be going crazy tying up any loose ends and realizing what I have overlooked.

The gorgeous day here inspired me to bbq some chicken for dinner. I hope your weather is as nice.


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Marci, thank you for posting my pictures. I will have to go back and find the directions Suzanne gave me and print them out this time.

Ivamae, these girls are puppy mill moms who were rescued. I'm glad you have your guy - they are so great. I lost my bichon last summer at 15 1/2 and my chow shep the summer before at almost 14.

Raeanne, they were definitely worth the wait. They are settling in very nicely - I am so glad we got them! I have volunteered with the rescue to be a home inspector - I will visit the homes of applicants near me. The rescue will not adopt out without a vet check and home visit.

Enjoying the warm weather but it looks like rain right now. I think thunderstorms are predicted this evening.

Will check in later.


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Good Tuesday all,

What a glorious morning it is here. It's light at 4:30 now and I am up and at it. I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the early morning at this time of year.

Donna, your new girls are sweet looking and how lucky are they? Glad you got your photos posted. I never even thought of telling you to email them to me! Duh! Thanks Marci.

Raeanne, I feel the same way about cities now. I really wanted Terra firma under my feet and not cement! I really wish I could do that girl friends weekend! I just can't bring myself to leave Sweet Pea right now.

Speaking of bringing myself to leave Sweet Pea... Mark and I are going by motorcycle to DC for the Memorial Day weekend. We will be participating in the Rolling Thunder XXIII Parade to honor our troops, MIA's and POW's. Some 4,000 motorcycles will be rolling down Constitution Avenue on Sunday, May 30th. I resisted at first (really, who wants to drive to DC on a holiday weekend) but when he said he really wanted to go and would go without me I agreed to go. I really don't want him to go alone. It will be fun I am sure but you know I would rather be riding my horse but it will be really fun. To appease me, we will take two days on scenic routes to get there so it will be fun. Wooooo hoooo. Now I have to dust off my leathers and get my angry biker look going! Do you know why bikers never smile? They don't want to get bugs in their teeth! LOL

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Good Evening!

Donna, those are some cute pups! They look comfy and quite at home. I am so happy for you AND for them.

Raeanne, wish I was going to that girlfriend's get away!

Ivamae, good luck tomorrow at the you-know-what : )

Suzanne, I hope you have a BLAST on your trip. It's good to get away every once in a while. And bugs in your teeth? Consider it part of a "high protein" diet Ha Ha!


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Good Wednesday all,

Anyone here familiar with Philadelphia? I think we are going to spend our first night there on our way down to Washington. Any suggestions on neighborhoods?

Where is everyone????

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Hi all!

Just a minute to check in and say hi before my final finals tomorrow--ugh!

Donna--SQUEE! I think I'm going to pass out from cuteness! They are adorable; how lucky they are to have you, and you them. :)

Suzanne, I didn't know you rode a bike. What kind? And thank you and Mark for honoring our servicemen and women.

Yeah, where is BJ? Amy? Patti? Gretchen? Hellooooo John. (I wonder how he is.)

Wish me luck tomorrow on my tests, please. I've studied until my eyes are crossed, but I always feel unprepared.



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Suzanne - I really don't know Philly well, but I used to go to Bucks County and loved it. If it is like I remember it, I think you would love it too. When are you heading down. I can ask someone that used to live in the area. I am going to work on you and Mark to visit us in June for our Americade, it really is a great biker event. I forgot to mention how my side view mirror was smashed intentionally while I was in NYC in a very good neighborhood. We laughed because we actually were parked in what is considered a troubled area for 2 days and the car was fine. We park 2 hours in a wealthy area and smash, UGHHH, there is no place like home.

Maddie - I am always so happy to see you post, it makes me think of chickens and staplers for some odd reason LOL. Sending you all my positive vibes for tomorrow, but I know you won't need them!

Tikanis - wish you were coming too, there is Kayaking on the schedule!!!

Donna - how nice of you to be a home inspector - you are GREAT.

Which reminds me - I may not post as much as I want to, but I always know you are just a click away and that is very comforting. Thank you girls - you are all the BEST.

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Happy Wednesday!

Thank you for the comments on my little girls - I am a bit biased but they are cuties!!

Maddie, good thoughts and fingers crossed for your test tomorrow.

Suzanne, are you staying in Philly proper or the outskirts? If you stay in Philly I would suggest the historic area - Carpenter's Hall, Independence Hall, Liberty Bell, Betsy Ross house, etc.

Penn's Landing is also very nice, so is Society Hill. Center city Philly and South Philly are always fun. South Philly has our stadiums, airport and 9th Street Market and lots of Italian flavor.

I'm less than an hour from Philly, my dad was born and raised there and I know it fairly well.

Celebrated Cinco de Mayo with friends at a good local Mexican restaurant - had 2 very tasty Margaritas :-)

Raeanne, I'm with Tikanis and wish I was going with you too on that weekend. We are here any time you need us, you know that. I agree that it's comforting to know.

Enjoy the rest of Cinco de Mayo!

Take care - Donna

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It's Friday, YAHOO!!

What's on everyone's agenda this weekend?

Maddie, are you through with finals? I've been keeping my fingers crossed for you all week, but you won't need it; you will be your usual brilliant self. : )

I have a date with a kayak tomorrow morning. Then it's home to work in the garden, watch the Dodger game. Not quite sure what kids have planned for Sunday... Tonight I am going to a friend's booth at a craft fair.



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Happy Friday!!! TIGIF for sure.

I am hoping to get my two fields and lawns mowed! That is if it doesn't rain which it may. It's a huge project and I should have been doing a little each night this week but I didn't. I also hope to get some gardening in. My tomato plants are on the porch hardening off now but I won't be able to plant them until the end of this month. I can put my lettuce, spinach, carrots, beans, etc in. Seriously, just last week we got a foot of snow in northern NH!!

Casey has a major swollen eye this morning. Not completely swollen shut. It was so windy the last few days - really high winds she probably has some sand or something in there. I will go check her at lunch and if it's worse I need to call the vet. Poor girl looks like she got slugged.

Tikanis, sounds like you have a nice full and fun weekend ahead.

Maddie, I know you aced your finals. It's s done deal you got A's across the board! Maddie, I used to ride a bike with Mark until I got horses! Mark has a Harley of course and my bike is an old Kawasaki that starts every time....unlike the Harley which I call flipper because of the cute little noise it makes when it doesn't want to start. For this trip we are renting a full dresser so we will be riding in comfort. I am getting excited about this trip.

Donna, thanks for the info on Philly. We are going to stay at Penn's Landing. Seems like we will be able to see a bit there. We are only there for the night so a nice room and a good meal are going to be our main priority. I am sure we will see enough but during my research it sure seems like a really nice city to visit and spend some time. But if I can't bring Sweet Pea I don't want to go usually! LOL

Marci is going to Florida to spend mother's day with her kids!


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I'm not going to TGIF this week because we are still on vacation in NC! We leave for NJ tomorrow morning, but it has been a blast! Celebrated 10 year' anniversary with my honey this week and my sister and her DH celebrated 25 years. We've had so much fun; cannot wait to get back here in early July (or sooner).

Have a great weekend.

Donna, the pups are really cute (even I will admit that!) LOL

PS: I ate too much this week; back to counting points on Monday.

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