MP3 player with good sound quaility???

maggie2May 24, 2008

I purchased an ipod shuffle and I'm really disappointed in the sound quality. It really lacks bass.

Please suggest an MP3 with good sound quality.

Also, can I transfer the tunes I bought on iTunes to a different player?


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Get a larger capacity player, at least 16gig whatever the brand. Rip music at 320kbps abd get some good quality ear buds. I use Ultimate Ears Extended Bass buds and the reproduce great bass for such small buds.

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Get an iPOD or whatever MPS you find easier to operate. Download all music in a "lossless" format, as opposed to a "lossy" format. FLAC and a number ofothers are lossless and can give you audio through your stereo system as good as cd's. The lower the kps you use, the more information goes missing.The downside to "lossless" downloadingis--it fills up your hard drive far faster. I just download many I'[mnot currently not playing much (if at all) to my computer. You can always recover them.

Shure and Etymotic also make excellent ear buds--usually the better the pricier.


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