mitsubishi big screen won't stay on

babblingbettyMay 28, 2007

Pulling out our hair! Several times recently TV would not come on when turned on with the universal remote....and on two other times came on, then went go off almost instantly! It is a 52-56 inch mitsubishi unit about 6-7 years old...has been unplugged to try to reset...called mitsubishi tech support (very helpful) wouldn't reset asked about power surge...we live on a hill with lots of lightening strikes all around if a storm is fierce enough..even had one several years ago that knocked out my outside lights and a computer...with absolutely no was just there! We have all of these electronics attached to a powermax DBS+ surge dahh...that is why I purchased the best and most expensive protector service man had when it was set up for Direct TV tonight! Has anyone else experienced this....power on at TV or remote,,timer light blinks,,tv automatically shuts off!

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