Whole House Audio - New Construction

equallydividedMay 19, 2013

Hello, hoping that someone can help me out with a electronics system.

In my last home, I had a receiver in the living room, which had two zones for sound (A and B). The A zone powered the surround sound speakers which were flush in the living room ceiling, and the B zone powered the master bedroom, bathroom and patio speakers which were mounted into the ceiling.

I would love to have the same setup in the new construction house, but would also like to add speakers for the kitchen. I would like the speakers hard-wired and in the ceiling/walls in order to help eliminate clutter and a need to power multiple devices. This is where I need some SERIOUS HELP!

What kind of system should I purchase? What are the options that are available on the market? What are these types of speakers called (for research purposes). I have heard of the SONOS systems, but is that something I should be looking at, considering that I'm doing hard-wired speakers?

Is there a reason why you wouldn't hard wire the speakers as apposed to purchasing the wireless option?

What type of receiver would you consider when looking at the multiple zones?

Thanks for any help you can provide, I'm at a loss!

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Why don't you just google 'whole home audio"?

I personally think it's a thing of the 70's and 80's. They used to have intercoms in every room, etc. Reminds me of lava lamps and the Jettson's :)

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If you have the walls open hardwired speakers are the way to go. It gives you more options/flexibility for the types of speakers and components you can use. Speakers are all over the map as far as price and quality...you can buy a $20 dollar speaker or a $2500 speaker.
Take a look at the Sonos Connect or Russound.

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Thanks, SweetFish. I appreciate your helpful response.

Geoffrey, I can appreciate GOOGLE, but when I want real input, I tend to ask for advice specific to why my wants are, which is the purpose of this forum. GOOGLE seems to be overrun by those who are selling a product, and are somewhat biased. I'm sure that your type of response would be apprecaited... somewhere else.

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