Carbon Monoxide Problem

leslie77July 26, 2002

I have a CO problem, and can't locate the source. I have 2 gas log fireplaces, my cooktop is gas (although it's electronic ignition, so there's no pilot) and my water heater is gas (I should say that all of these are propane).

I've lived here for over six years with 3 CO monitors that have only registered 0 until now. Twice in the last 3 weeks they have gone up into the danger level, causing one of my cats to get carbon monoxide poisoning. The two times this has happened, I've had people out to check, but they can't find anything. Last night as a precaution I completely turned off the propane into the house. So right now the only thing with a flame is the water heater which the people lit when they came back today to check. When they came this morning, everything had dropped back to close to 0 because I had opened every window and door in the house last night. They left no stone unturned on the water heater, and checked other things also. They couldn't get any readings. When I got home from work tonight all the monitors are rising again. They suggested the possibility of something causing false readings, but I know it definitely has to be CO because of my cat's illness both times. The other puzzling thing is that it hasn't been an ongoing problem. It happened once two weeks ago, then things just naturally went back to normal, then is happening again now. There's nothing peculiar that has happened these two times. Does anyone have a clue as to what my problem could be? I should mention that my HVAC system is geothermal, so that can't be the culprit.

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I had a CO detector that started going off, and the fire department came to check things out.

They opened the detector and showed me that there is a special paper inside the unit. They said that the paper is treated to react to CO, and since mine was still white, it was a false alarm. They also checked everything with a "sniffer" just to be sure.

I'm not sure if all units have this inside, but you may want to check.

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Was anyone nearby doing yard work? Ours will go off, when DH is using the gas leaf blower.

Also - even though the furnace is not in use, it could still be the culprit.

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I think I've finally discovered my problem. My garage is under the house. When I had my car inspected in May, my mechanic told me that by next inspection I would need a new muffler. I've moved the car out, everything has dropped back to 0, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. When I can be home again next weekend to watch things, I'm going to pull it into the garage again and see what happens.

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