Magnavox TS2560 B101, Chassis 25E503-00AA

goudagoudaMay 28, 2008

Hello. None of the channels (I don't have cable) are coming in on my tv and all I get is static. I've already checked all the connections, which are fine, and my DVD/VHS works too. I recently cancelled my wireless internet service and disconnected some cables and the modem for that and thought I might have accidentally touched something for the tv in the process, but I'm positive the tv stopped working just before this (they happened at about the same time and I don't remember for sure!). I called the maintenence guy, who said no one else has been having any problems with a signal or anything and he walked me through some menu options on the phone, but nothing worked. If it is relevant, the cable option is set to "no" and the input option is set to "vcr/aux" (this is what he had me check). Do you know what it might be or anything else I could try? Thank you!

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