'Moth' type bug eating my shrubs

mystic47July 8, 2010

I posted over in garden but it's not very active. Maybe someone can identify this Moth or Butterfly type "animal" that is eating all my shrubs. There are at least 50 of them at a time in a small area. Don't know what they are or how to get rid of them. Many thanks, Pat

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That's a pretty moth, I wouldn't want to do anything to it! Are you sure it's the one eating the shrubs, or could it even possibly be feeding on something much smaller that's doing the eating? You could always Google 'blue moth" Images to see what it is. Your shrubs actually look pretty good for having been eaten.

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I put a call into my lawn service and will see what's going on. I took a photo of the best part but lots of spots on the bush are dead. I don't see anything else on the bush but maybe they are feeding on something.

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Hi - I realize now that it could be a butterfly, but I've Googled images under various headings and can't find it - and now I want to! Where do you live?

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I live in South Florida. I just spoke to my Lawn Guy and he said that it's an Oleander Moth going through Metamorphosis. He said this is the time of year and they do destroy the plant but usually they only last about two weeks. I am not normally down here this late in the year so I never saw them before. He said that it was the only reason he didn't put Oleander is his garden. Interesting.

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Thank you - explains why they didn't show up in my search (the metamorphing and all that).

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Hey Mystic- another south Florida gal here. The pic you posted is not an oleander.

I have oleander, live here year round, and can tell you I have NEVER seen that moth on my oleanders, but I have plenty of issues w/ caterpillars on them. It is easily solved w/ Sevin Dust when caught early enough. It's cheap and effective. The oleanders recover nicely once they have been eaten, but it's better when the caterpillars are controlled.

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Moths and butterflies eat nothing but flower nectar....and those things are not Oleander moths.
Look for worms or caterpillers on your shrubs.

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Correct - it is not an oleander. My guy was thinking of a different house. I am not in Florida now but apparently he went there and said I have sod worms and he took care of them. He said the moths will be around for a couple more weeks.

Thanks for all the help

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