Cleaning person trashing furniture

dramaticaJuly 8, 2002

I have fired 2 cleaning people over the past several months because I find that they have nicked walls and very, very expensive furniture with the vacuum and who knows what else. The latest person was specifically told to be careful with the vacuum and she was even walked through the apt. and shown damage from previous cleaners. Yesterday I found a small tear in a pricey leather chair and a gouge in an equally pricey wooden chair. Now, this cleaning person comes to me from recommendations from the ritziest part of town, in fact, she'd never even been to my side of town before! DH wants to make her pay for the damage, which is really unreparable.

No one does a job as well as I do, but I work 6-7 days per week and don't want to spend any free time cleaning. Does anyone have suggestions or similar dilemnas?

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Look for cleaning people who are bonded or insured. Get a quote from a furniture repair place, and then file a claim. That's what they carry the insurance for, because accidents happen. You might also call your homeowners to see if they can repair it.

Cleaning people are human and accidents happen. Yes, my cleaning lady has broken a thing or two by accident, and scuffed a TV stand. But the damage was minimal and didn't bother me too much. But it sounds like you were just more unlucky than most.

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That's why I would never hire someone individually -- I've only called companies that are bonded and insured. In one case, I found that a treasured knick-knack (not worth much in dollars, but in sentiment) had been broken and simply left on the bookcase. I found it by accident. I filed a complaint, not because of the monetary value, but because I felt that they should have at least notified me or left a note. The owner called me and said that they do tell their people to keep them informed, but unfortunately this woman didn't do so. She gave me half off my next cleaning.

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It's par for the course if you have a person in for cleaning, these things will happen, you cannot ask them to pay for those things, she would just leave before you can fire her.
An insured company is different. A private cleaning person is a chance you take, you have been very unlucky.....

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