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Libby_GANovember 21, 2004

I am a new convert to embroidery and have a babylock esg3 machine. Would someone recommend a good digitizing software that is not too expensive?

Thanks - Lib

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What price range do you consider "not too expensive"? They range from $100 to a few thousand. I use Origins, it's pricey, but very good.

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Thank you, I will look at Origins. I had hoped to find something less than $300. I noticed the Corel software was $999 (too much for me).

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Libby - do you really want to digitize (create your own designs from scratch), or do you mostly want to be able to combine and edit designs you have purchased or downloaded? If editing is what you are looking for, Embird seems to be a great program, and easy to use. The site below sells it for $70. There are various plug ins you can purchase when you are ready, including Studio which is the digitizing part, and even if you buy the whole shebang it's only a few hundred dollars.

Where are you in GA? My brother lives in Thomasville.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Embroidery Haven

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msmeow: Thank you for your comment. I registered with Embird about a month ago and I also think it is great! I haven't looked at Studio yet but am planning on it. I am so new at this that maybe digitizing is not what I really need. I work with a friend who also has a babylock and we anticipate requests from friends etc. to create designs. I was just trying to cover all options. I live in Cumming - just north of Atlanta - Libby

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Libby, I have PE Design (many many $$$ if you buy it new!), and have found that actual digitizing (creating from scratch) requires a lot of patience and has a steep learning curve! I have been able to do a lot with just combining, resizing and editing designs I have mostly gotten for free on line. You just have to pay attention to the copyright restrictions if you are thinking of making items to sell, but most digitizers offer the free samples for use on items to sell, you just can't sell the actual design.

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Msmeow, Thanks again. I am doing some of what you suggest now. My long range plans are to market items my friend an I embroidery. We've sold some towels so far. We are having a great time working together. Do you digitize some of your own designs?

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