GoVideo DV1230

ilmbgMay 27, 2012

I was just given an old dvd/vhs comdo. No remote/instructions.

ALL dvd have subtitles. If O use the 'setup' button on the unit, go to setup/dvd/language/subtitle/'automatic', I cannot get it to do anything other than 'off' or other relase of subtitle.

What am I doing wrong?

When the dvd/movie first starts, there is a 'box' that shows checkmarks :

audio "checked'

subtitle not checked- an' X' is there

language- 'English'- checked

How do I get subtitles off- this is a store-bought movie- not a knockoff.


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I think you are going to need a remote that allows you to get into the DVD player setup menus as opposed to the DVD disc menus.

You can even find universal remotes at the Dollar Tree that should contain your DVD player's remote code, that then will allow you to enter into the low level setup menus and set the subtitle function from always on, to always off, as a default on all discs.

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Hi yosemite- Thanks for your info. I did buy a universal remote- it has a 'govideo' code, but none of the codes work!
I think Magnavox was the maker of Govideo, so maybe if I contact them...?

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GoVideo typically sourced product from Korean OEM manufacturers. Try all the codes also listed for Samsung and LG DVD players.

BTW Magnavox is only a brand name which has been owned by Funai Electric for years. Funai also owns several other brand names such as Philips, Symphonic, and Emerson.

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