Error msg trying to use PE Design 5.0 Basic

stitchemNovember 8, 2005

Hi everyone! I hope some of you with more experience can offer some suggestions for me, please. I still haven't gotten this to work for me, so am a little frustrated.

I'm getting an error msg "unexpected file format" after Stage 4 when trying to do File->Import of my line drawing, after going thru stages 1-4, and saving it as a .pem file. I follow the instructions to open Layout & Editing, and try to import the .pem file, and then I get the error msg. I need to open it and save as a .pes fie for my Brother machine.

TIA for any suggestions!

P.S. to TChampluvier: I'm sorry I haven't gotten far along enough to make a recommendation. I'm still trying to get this part to work! Maybe someone else can help.

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Stitchem, I have PE Design 2.5, and whenever I get that message it usually means the design was created in a higher version of PE Design and my olk clunky version can't read it.

In your case I'd guess there's something corrupt in the .pem file, or maybe you missed a step - it seems like mine goes to a .pel file before the final .pes format. Hopefully someone will see this who knows more about it than I do! :)


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