Brother PE-SCAN Embroidery Scanner

redpennyNovember 10, 2007

Does anyone have a Brother PE-SCAN Embroidery Scanner and if so could you give me some information on it.. Is this like a reader writer box or different.Also would this work with a brother PE-150?


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I to am also interested in learning more about this product...Anyone know what the cost is and how well it works?

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I have a 150 and the PE Scan. Yes they are compatible. The PE actually scans a design and converts it. Takes a bit of practice to get used to it. I used it for solid color designs....

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Hi, i have a brother super galaxie II sewing machine. It says that a pe-scan works with this, but only the pe-scan II is available now.
I need to know what the difference is between the two and whether I can safely buy a II.
If any one had one for sale with Card?

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New to this .
I have the scanner but not the manual for it but if someone knows where i can get one free please can you tell me.
i am new to all this you may have seen i bought a pe- 150 brother embroidery machine that too i am having problems with so all round i am too looking for answers. thank you all

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dollygeff...yes I have the manual for PE Scan II. Contact me via 'my page' and I can mail you the PDF, which you can then print off.

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Ninasten--I do have the PE Scanner II with manual & 2 cards-for sale--but you are so far away! I am in U.S. and the shipping would be so high. Have you done an ebay search?

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redpenny--with the scanner, you draw your own images, or copy from children's coloring books, etc. You scan the drawing once for solid stitching, or you fill in portions of the drawing with marker and scan again. Each scan adds another ''layer'' of embroidery. Finally, you save the design to card. The scanner also has fonts built in. I have found no way to transfer from card to computer--not smart enough to figure that out! And yes, the card works with my Brother pe200, as well as my 2003D ULT. As I understand the Brother machines, they will read older cards/formats without difficulty. I don't have talent or patience, so I have the PE Design software. I hope this little bit of info answers your question.

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Hi dancingirl! I sent a email for more information and a question about PE-Scan, thanks!

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