Need help with Singer Futura 250. Sooo bummed.

gardeningwithnoskillNovember 19, 2008

I got a Singer Futura 250 LAST Xmas and I've been using it to sew, but never hooked up the embroidery part. I often have E1 errors while sewing when I can clearly see the thread is not broken. Sometimes the E1 error comes up every 10 seconds - sometimes every 5 minutes, but always while sewing.

My mother, who is a much better sewer than I, came up this week to teach me how to use the embroidery part of the machine. Everytime we sew with the hoop attached, it does a few stitches and then the E1 error comes up...but the thread is not broken. It's sooooo frustrating. The sewing machine was a gift and ordered from QVC so I can't take it back to them. When it does these few stitches on the embroidery hoop (before the E1 error shuts things down) it pulls up the bobbin thread into the design.

We've tried different stablizers, different weight fabrics...we have "real" embroidery thread, real embroidery bobbin thread - we've rethreaded the machine 1000 times. We took apart the plate and cleaned it all out. And the E1 is still showing up every 5 seconds and sucking the life out of me.

Any suggestions? You'll be my hero if you have a suggestion for me. I'm at a loss.

Thanks SOOO much!

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I don't know anything about your particular machine, but it sounds like something is wrong in its "brain." I would take it to an authorized Singer repair shop and have them check it out. Does QVC provide warrantees? If it's less than a year old I would think the warranty would still be in effect.


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It could be the thread sensor. Seems like that model has a thing for that issue, or so I have heard. As msmeow said, make sure you don't have a warranty. You may be able to call qvc and give them the serial number and get help with answering that question.

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There are two yahoo groups for the Singer Futura that can answer your questions. One is called "FuturaEmbroidery" and the other "QuantumFuturaHelpingHand" I tried to post the url but my posting wouldn't go through.

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i need help when us the embroidery and do my design when hoop on then ready to sew but it moves in to place when you press send to block the needle go down then move to were it start to sew but it sew a strait line before it sew my design and leaves a line threw my design never us to do it driven me mad because i have to stop the embroidery to tack the stitching out before i can carry on help

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