Which Card Reader and Software for Brother SE270D

nsndNovember 14, 2005

Which Card Reader and Software for Brother SE270D should I get for my wife... she wants 1. to use for CD's she buys and 2. hopefully use software to create her own stuff as well as 3. I want to create stuff in Photoshop and convert it to be used on her machine.

What card reader should we choose and what is the difference?

What Software should we use and what will do what I want?



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You really need to talk with the Brother dealer...there are so many choices and you need to make sure you get the right one.

As far as creating your own designs (digitizing) the Brother software - PE Design - is pretty expensive; also, you can't just import a picture from Photoshop and stitch it out on fabric. It's much more complex than that to get good results, and photo type designs are extremely dense and stiff when stitched out.

There are other digitizing programs that are not as expensive as PE Design - Embird is one. I'd recommend an Internet search for home embroidery software and do some research on your own, but you really do need to talk to the Brother dealer so you get the right box, as they aren't cheap either!


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