Help with design cd's

nancy242November 30, 2005

I'm new at machine embroidery and need help. I purchased the PED-Basic and have downloaded designs without a problem, but I purchased a design cd and don't know where to begin. Do I need a special program to use the cd with? any help will be appreciated. Thanks

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You will have to move the designs from the Cd to whatever your machine will accept...floppy disk or memory card. If your machine hooks directly to a computer, I have no knowledge of that concept.

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I guess I need to explain better, what I need to know is how to get the designs from the cd to the memory card. When I downloaded designs I made a folder for them on my desktop. Do I need a program to open designs on the computer so I can transfer them to the memory card. Thanks again. Nancy

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You can download the designs into your computer from the cd. Make a folder Something like My Embroidery designs and put them in there. Then when you want to transfer them to your memory card they are right there. Does PE Basic do that? I am not familiar with that. I have the Ultimate Box myself.

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What CD did you get and what brand machine do you have?

Think of the PE basic as a floppy drive where you can transfer files from one drive to another. You copy the design from the CD to the PE basic, work the design for what you have to do with it (reason to make a copy) in the PE design, and then send it to the card.

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