Magnavox Projection TV Model FP5220 W103- Sound but no picture

debi2100May 7, 2008

Magnavox 52" Projection TV Model FP5220 W103 only gets sound - has no picture. Remote still changes channels and adjusts volume, but screen is black. This happened after unplugging and plugging tv. Now, when it is plugged in, the plug sparks and I hear a humming sound in back of the tv.

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Hi, I have a Magnavox 53" projection TV model# 50ML6200D/37 chassis# S CT2.OURA. 2 weeks ago the same thing happened. We were watching TV and then the fan came on at the back of the set, then about a minute later the screen went black. The sound is still fine just the picture went black. We turn it off and let it cool down. Then turned it back on again and it was fine for about a minute then the fan came on again, this time the screen went black within secounds. Now when you turn it on the fan comes on and the screen goes black within 30sec. There are no TV repair men around here as it's usually cheaper to buy a new set then fix an old one But this one was really expensive and is only 6 months old so were still paying this one off and can't afford a replacement this early. Thanks for any help, Robin.

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