Hoop for Janome 300E

thelmaleeNovember 1, 2005

I have lost the inner ring of the small hoop for the Janome 300E. My sewing room is a disaster but I have looked and looked. I have about decided it might have fallen in the trash. Does anyone have one to sell. I checked the Janome Web site and they did not have any listed. My dealer is in a city about 30 miles away and are closed when I get off work.

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You can probably use your hoop as is with the Sticky Plus stabilizer.

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You might want to see if you can order and have one shipped from here:
Also every once in awhile there's one on ebay. I just looked and at the moment there isn't but I have seen them in the past and they run about $50.

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Friday afternoon I went to my local dealer and just bought the whole assembly. I had a 25% off card for being a machine buyer and got it for less than $40.00. Now I will have an extra outside loop if the other one breaks or I might sell it on Ebay. I am told that the outside ring is the one most likely to break. Thanks to everyone who responded. I am new to embroidery and still learning. This forum is very very helpful to me.

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