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marci_paMay 10, 2004

Good Morning!

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Good MONDAY morning!

Happy Belated Mother's Day to everyone. My dear stepdaughters came over yesterday morning with a huge arrangement of edible fruit. It was amazing and fits in wonderfully with my WOE.

Maddie, enjoy. I'm so glad you are finally out of there. Hope all goes well for ya in the unemployment office.

Gotta run and take care of some items here at the office.

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DeeMarie - you are so fortunate to have a good relationship with your stepdaughters - but who wouldn't love you??? Enjoy the fruit

My DD's sent me a beautiful arrangement of Snap Dragons and they are gorgeous, yellow, white and pink - at least 2 dozen. And DH took me out to a lovely dinner, the restaurant was an old grist mill and sits on a river. But the most exciting part of my days was watching 2 Barred Owls being released, back to the wild. They had severe injuries that the wildlife rehabbers nursed back to health. It was a sight to behold, to watch them spread their wings and fly off to the woods. They were a little hesitant at first and then realized they were no longer in a cage LOL.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and that they find time to check in.

Maddie - you have to keep us updated. Are you soaking your feet from a weekend of dancing?

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I'm enjoying some pineapple "daisies" now!

Here is a link that might be useful: My gift was

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DeeMarie - that is so adorable - I want one LOL. I see they have a location on Staten Island, now I have something new I can send people. Thanks.

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Hi all !

Dee--that's is so cool! What a great gift! :):) Someone gave me a container of huge strawberries one year for something or another--yum!!!!

We went to Memphis this weekend to a show, and had a good time--I was surprised at how busy Beale Street is during the day. We went to Dyer's (a primo burger place), and then wandered across the street to listen to a band. Sunday, we went to both moms. MIL was very nice--(now just where is that mothership???), and my mom and dad seemed to be doing good--thank heavens! :)

Today seemed strange, but lovely! We cleaned out the spare bedroom yesterday, and I spent the day inventorying jewelry. We are going to Canada on Friday for a week, so I'm trying to get that syuff together as well.

Just wanted to check in to say hi! And thanks, Raeanne, for telling me how to change my email (it's changed now!)



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Just checking in. I haven't been reading the thread so I'm not caught up with what is going on in everyone's life. I finally found out after a lot of testing that I have a fatty liver. It is from being overweight. (Better than some of the other options.) It can lead to cirrhosis or cancer though if I don't lose weight. I had a stricture in my esophagus so that has been dilated. I stay very tired & sleep quite a bit. I've also read a bunch of books. Hope everyone here is doing well.

Raeanne~We have had a good time this spring watching the owls mating outside. LOL

DS#1 got me coffee & strawberry preserves, DS#2 got me the most beautiful tulips & DH got me a shaver & a baseball cap. I had a very good Mother's Day. Patti :)

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Hi everyone,

Again, I have been out of the loop. Maddie, I am so happy for you. You are such a dynamic personality that a great job will come your way. I wish you nothing but the best!!! (((HUGS))) my friend!

Patti, sorry you have not been feeling well, but I am glad you checked in. Sounds like the boys were good to you!

Dee, I love that fruit. I bookmarked the page and will use them sometime. Thanks for the tip!

Peter is home from the hospital!!! He came home last night and is doing very well. He is very tired, but his blood counts and all is just where they are supposed to be. Thanks so much for all the well wishes and positive thoughts and prayers. He still has a long road ahead, but things are looking bright! :-)

Got to run. (((HUGS))) to all.

Love, Besh

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Good Morning

Besh - Good news on Peter. I am sure he is tired, but at least things are looking better.

Dee - I also bookmarked that site - that is so adorable. My niece is having a wedding shower this fall and I think I may contribute that.

Patti - We were worried about you, so thanks for checking in. Okay, so now you have another motivation to eat healthy and you can do it. I have never seen an owl mate - it must be quite a site LOL.

Maddie - It must be nice to have a few days off before you leave for a trip. This is also giving you time to concentrate more on your jewelry - so take full advantage.

BJ - Where are you???

Marci - thanks for the pretty gifs, but we need to know more about what is going on with YOU.

NH Suzanne - I hope you were able to get closer to your goal at deadline.

I am going to finish planting today and then I have to go food shopping, I am having company for dinner tomorrow night.

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Good morning everyone!

Glad some of you liked the edible arrangements! That fruit is just wonderful. I took some more into work with me, and DH and I had some after our walk last night. I can eat 1/4 of a pineapple for just 1 point. Not bad for someone who loves fruit!

Patti, I was thrilled to see you post, and happy that your illness is not too serious. I hope you will take it a sign to treat yourself good and eat healthy. You take such good care of Dave; now is the time to do something nice for yourself. :0)

Amy, I hope you are feeling better this week. Please check in with us to let us know how things are going for you. Wanted to let you know that I received a "Mr. Wonderful" for my presentation at work 2 weeks ago. We all got funny gifts. I played the messages for Eddie and he was not amused!! I howled!

Well, I'm feeling good today. I think I'm down another pound (total 22), but I need to start up at a WW center somewhere. Maybe I'll do it when I return from my trip to Canada next week.

Got my new cool license this morning; it's got the halogram stuff on it. I needed about 4 forms of ID to get it, but I'm glad the hassle is over (NJ motor vehicles was notoriously awkward and slow---4 years ago, it took me 6 1/2 hours to renew my license---NO LIE!!!). Well, they've "streamlined" it now, and it took me 13 minutes this morning! DH showed me where an office was out in the boonies, so I was the 7th on line. Now I'm good until 2008, and you won't hear me moaning for 4 years! LOL

OK, I gotta run and get some stuff done for the ACS Relay for Life. I'm corporate captain and it's this Friday. Gotta put together a basket of our products for their tricky tray.

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!!!

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Dee - the people up here complain when they half to wait longer than 10 minutes at the DMV - I used to pack a lunch with me on Staten Island LOL.

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Raeanne, that day in April 2000, I took the entire day off as "personal" to get that @*$( license renewed. I brought a snack and several magazines. I found a gentleman who was the number before me to let me know when he was called so I could listen for my name---the microphones sounded like the old "A" train announcers! LOL!!! NYC Metro area --- ya gotta love it! 18 Million of us trying to live a simple life! LMAO!!!!!!!!!

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I've been busy entertaining my paretns while they're in town. They leave tomorrow night---then I'll be BACK! lol.....

Miss you guys!

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DeeMarie - That's great! We both have the perfect man now! And congratulations on the weight loss! I know how good that feels.

I still have my internet relationship and it's still problematic. I'm trying to not write to him today. I've suspected all along that if I get too close, it will turn into something unpleasant and then it can be impossible to turn it back. So I'm trying to create some distance. We'll see how it goes. He can always write to me if he wants; he knows how to reach me. We need a good psychologist here. Not that it would necessarily help.

I've been doing WW as much as I can. I've discovered some interesting things. 1 piece of banana bread is 4 points, and 1/2 cup of cooked kidney beans is only 1 point. I imagine that the banana bread would go down if I made it with whole wheat flour, nuts and no sugar. Nuts don't put weight on me for some reason. I'm going to start adding kidney or cannellini beans to my salads. I had been slowly gaining and last time I weighed about a month ago, I was up another 2 lbs. Talk about having your day overcast! Today I weighed, fearing that I would be up more, but I was down two. Saved again! So I guess this is working. I'm still on reduced carb since I stay between 1/4 and 1/2 of the average, but I've been allowing myself whole wheat bread or pasta, beans, papayas, some bananas, and nonfat milk. I've been denying myself those for 3 years now and I think I've about reached my limit of tolerance. I'm still not touching "junk" food though.

Here's something I don't understand. According to the point chart:
Rice,fried,chicken or pork,frozen 1 cup 2 points
Rice,fried,with beef,chicken,pork, or shrimp 1/2 cup 8 points

Why would the frozen chicken fried rice be so much less that the regular chicken fried rice? Anyone know?

This morning I had a piece of whole wheat toast with smashed, seasoned kidney beans and a thin slice of melted mozellera cheese plus a cup of cold cocoa (no sugar). I was very happy. This noon I'll have a salad. I think I'll check out healthy ways of making tostados.

I didn't get gifts or visitors on mother's day, but I did get three calls from DS#2 and granddaughters. Still no word from DS#1. I have to say it makes me feel angry and hurt, especially since he has no specific criticisms of me. If he's taught me anything, it's that life, and people, can be inscrutible no matter how how we look for answers.

Back later. Have a great day everyone. I'm proud of us all for continuing to make the effort to eat and live right. I hope the ones who have been missing are OK.


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Hi All,

Things have been busy here. This new merger at work is HECK!! Not going as smoothly as the last one. I know it is job security, but.....

Saw the ENT Doctor on Monday. Both girls are scheduled for surgery on May 28th. Tara is at 8:30 for the tubes and Erica is at 8:45 for tonsils and adnoids. Please keep them in your prayers. They wont put Tara out, just use some gas on her, but Erica will have to be put out. That scares me.

Besh, Good news on Peter. I hope things continue to go well for him.

Amy, did you get the weight watchers books? If not, I think I may have an extra copy. I am currently doing South Beach and it is working better for me. If you need them, e-mail me.

Better run. THANKS so much for the support and prayers for the girls. Right now, I am not too worried, but I am afraid in the next week or so, it will hit me.


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Good TUESDAY morning!

Jen, that's so great that your girls are getting the help they need. [[[[[[Erica, Tara, Jen, Galen]]]]]]]]]]]] Good luck with SB; I'm at a stall with WW, but I'm not worried, because I know that this eating if finally getting under control. I'm sure I'll start up losing again and I'm never, never giving up!

Amy, good luck with your new way of eating. I've read that you need to shake things up a bit to get that metabolism started again. Please keep in touch with us.

BJ, have fun with your parents. We're looking forward to seeing you again!

Hello to Raeanne, Maddie, NH Suzanne, Marci (what's new in PA?), Patti, Joanne (hope you are feeling OK), Gretchen (any news on the business front?), KY Susie, John (where oh where are ya?), and those whom I've forgotten.

Gotta run....we've got over 30 registered for Relay for Life and raised almost $12,000 for American Cancer Society. YIPPEEE!! Now, please hold out special thoughts for good weather here on Friday night into Saturday morning.

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Good WEDNESDAY Morning All,

DeeMarie, you scared me when I read Tuesday. I feel like I am in a time warp most of the time but you almost had me convinced it was true!

I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off. We have had meeting after meeting because we are launching a new Equine publication!! It's very exciting but the reality of deadlines and goals is starting to set in and it's causing me stress. PLUS, I have three angry clients who have issues of one thing or another and want to get out of paying thier bills! I really hate this part. Then I have to go through my notes, etc and try to reason with them. GRRRRR

I almost forgot that I am going on a horseback riding trip to the mountains of North Carolina on Friday for the weekend. I am excited about it. I am going with a girlfriend to a clients resort and we are doing a write up about it. Should be a good time.

I must go...........have a great day everyone.

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Thanks Suzanne! I actually thought it was Tuesday! Good luck with work..."this too shall pass"

With love from your friend


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Good THURSDAY Morning

I hope everyone is doing well today. It's a beautiful sunny day here again and if there weren't so many black flies lurking, I would take a nice walk - but the gym looks safer today. I have 3 black fly bites and they are driving me crazy.

Yesterday, I planted flowers throughout our town with 2 other ladies.

I had company last night for dinner and had a very pleasant but late evening and today I am dragging. I want to go and look for an outfit for DD's graduation.

Jen - I will definitely keep Erica and Tara in my thoughts and prayers. I am sure everyone will be much happier once this is behind. I think my oldest DD should've had her tonsils and andoids removed - but they didn't recommend that too often back then.

Amy - ((((HUGS))))

Maddie - are you all set for your vacation? Have a wonderful time - you deserve it.

BJ - hope you had a great time with your parents.

DeeMarie - That is a lot of money that was raised WTG.

NH Suzanne - I hope things slow down for you soon - have a great time in NC - not that I needed to tell YOU that.

Have a great day.

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Good THURSDAY morning!

Wanted to check in today, but I don't have time for much else. Hope everyone has a wonderful, safe, healthy day!!

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Good Thursday morning everyone!

It's gorgeous here too and it's a Friday like day for me! I am so psyched for North Carolina; it should be fun, fun, fun.

The black flies are totally miserable here too Raeanne. For those of you fortunate enough not to be familiar with our little friends.....picture these tiny black flies, tiny, tiny with BIG GIANT TEETH!!! In swarms this year too.

Has anyone heard from Gretchen??? Check in woman, we need to know how you are.

That goes for the rest of you mias

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Hi all!

Just checking in while I'm packing. Scheech! Lewis and Clark went exploring with less cr@p than this!!! LMAO! This gives me a whole new respect for the people who had to load the old trading ships for months-long trips.

I'm meeting my old coworkers for a charity auction tonight--it seems so weird not having them to yammer with all day.

Jen--(((((((hugs)))))) Your babies are in my pr@yers!

Amy--how good to see you post--:):)

BJ--give your mom and dad a hug for me--I hope they have a safe trip home--

Gotta go--



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Well, I tried to post on Wednesday but for some reason, it just disappeared. LOL

Maddie~Enjoy yourself.

NH Suzanne~Have a great time!

BJ~Have fun with your parents.

Besh~Glad to hear news on Pete. Your family continues to be in my prayers.

Jen~You & the girls continue to be in my prayers too.

Raeanne~The gardening sounds great. What did you plant? Was it various plants?

Amy~I was glad to read something from you!

DeeMarie~I bookmarked the edible plants too. Thought that it was a nice gift.

Marci~What is going on in your life?

Joanne~I know that I'm past due writing to you.

DDIL asked me for some suggestions for DS#1's graduation in August. Does anyone have any ideas? I certainly could use them. It is going to be a combination of a "family reunion" as well as graduation party so I know that there will be some grilling as well as some swimming. I'm really open to ideas & know that you will have some great ones!!! Patti :)

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Sorry I haven't been posting much. Preschool is winding down and I have been busy getting ready for their graduation. I can hardly believe that we only have 1 more full week and then a partial week and I am done. Summer vacation, here I come!!

I am off this morning and getting ready to head off to DS's graduation. We are going out to dinner at the historic inn where DS works, then the graduation is at 8:00 tonight. We were going to stay in DS's apartment and come home in the morning, but I think we are just going to head home after the ceremony instead. It will be a long day, but I figure I will have the rest of the weekend to recuperate.

DS will be coming home sometime next week for a small break, then he is heading back to his apartment for the rest of the summer. Hopefully he will keep himself busy sending out resumes and looking for a job. He will continue to work at the Inn while he does that though.

I wish I could address every personally, but I have to finish getting ready. I will try to catch up later. But if DS is home next week, I won't get much computer time anyway.


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Have fun Marci! We miss you.


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Hi all!

Just checking in to say bye, and to tell you all to behave (and if not, then take good notes!!! LOL)

I hope everyone has a good week, and I'll be back Sunday, May23--

Love and hugs,


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Good SUNDAY morning!

I'm off in an hour to take my cruise (Canada this time!), and I wanted to tell everyone to have a great week and behave!!!

The Relay for Life was a HUGE success. We received American Cancer Society's Top Corporation Award for raising over $14,000. My team was wonderful, and we had so much fun. I was wiped out yesterday, and I still have not finished packing for this trip. I just scooped a huge bunch of clothes from our closets and off we go! I may look a bit bizarre on this trip, but what the h*ll!!!!

I think I earned this trip; more than many others. STay well.

"See" ya soon. I'll try to check up on all of ya from the ship.


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Oh RATS, I wanted to wish DeeMarie a Bon Voyage. I swear she is on the high seas more than any sailor LOL. You have earned this trip - so enjoy.

What will we do without Dee and Maddie for an entire week - this place is dead enough. We have to think of something to shake things up.

Okay I will post a past QOD, but it's that time of year.

QOD - what is your favorite flower?

I love the scent of lilacs. I love the look of lilies, but too much of their scent reminds me of funerals. It is easier to tell you the flowers I don't care for LOL - I'm not a big marigold, petunia or carnation fan, but can't think of any others that I don't like. I just planted new guinea impatients and I never saw flowers as big as these. My garden already looks full and beautiful.

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An old friend of mine found me through the internet. He e-mailed me and addressed it in pig-latin - that is how we always spoke to each other - it was hysterical and I was amazed that he remembered after 25 years. He lives in FL, but may be passing by my way in the summer (with his WIFE - so don't get any ideas). eeSay ouYay aterLay

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Gad, you said this place is dead enough already and then you start talkin' 'bout lilies! LOL! I have been really disorganized lately and keep thinking I'm going to get it together and write something profound chance.

I took the trip to Kentucky (more later!) and then my parents stopped off here for a week---and ever since, I have been list-less---so I can't get organized. Yesterday, I started making lists again and now I'm getting back on track.


QOD!!!!!! Favorite flower? Hmmmm:

To grow---easy!---Poppies (Orientals are my fav) and Cosmos (they are so rewarding and easy!)

To smell: probably old variety roses. I just visited the zoo rose garden with my mom and found a wonderful, sprawling rose called a Gertrude Jeckyl that smelled heavenly! I used to walk through my Grandma's rose garden and smell roses for half the day and the fragrance just brings it all back!

To look at: Peonies. They are so beautiful and ruffle-y. Plus, they hold wonderfully good vibes! Every Feng Shui book calls for them!

And to give: I like to give the big, double petaled Gerbera Daisies. They are so colorful, and cheerful and just look HAPPY!

To receive: I think I like Liatris combined with Eucalyptus. The clean fragrance of the Eucalypyus and the brilliance of the purple stocky Liatris thrills my heart.

For a funeral: I like giving potted plants or a tree. They hold a memory of the person well and last a long time.

That's my answer! Thanks for the QOD, Raeanne.


Back to the laundry machine for me!!!!!!

Oh, weight wise, I am at a stall---for the 4th week in a row. I weighed in at WW Thursday and am holding. They say it is good to go slowly and I am happy I haven't gained. I have 7 more pounds to go to make my doc get off my back---C'MON SEVEN!

DeeMarie and Maddie: Have fun! We'll wait for you to return! Love and kisses!

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BJ - I knew I could count on you to check in LOL. Glad you haven't gained, that is always good! That was some answer to the QOD LOL. I also love giving Gerbera Daisys (I also like to get them). I have Liatris in my garden and I very rarely give flowers for a funeral - I prefer a donation to a charity or a fruit basket for the family.

Today is Day 1 of SS, once again. I have to do something- nothing fits and I am NOT going to buy anything new until I lose weight. Maybe that will motivate me to get my butt in shape and I do mean my BUTT.

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Hello! Well we made it back from PSU in one piece and DS is officially graduated! He had a great time showing off the Inn where he works and it was fun for him to be the servee instead of the server. The trip up and back was uneventful, but tiring. I couldn't muster up any energy yesterday, so I had to manage to accomplish two days worth of errands and housework in one day.

QOD - (BJ ruined it for those of us who were planning on giving one word answers!!! LOL) Daisies! I am on a hunt for different varieties of daisies to plant this year and I also want some Black Eyed Susans. I don't want to buy too much though, since I always get lots of flowers from the kids at school. My flower garden is getting smaller since I started planting herbs and my strawberry patch just keeps getting bigger and bigger each year.

This is my last full week of school and then next week are the graduation ceremonies for the four-five year olds and the year end party for the three-four year olds. Then we clean up on Thursday and summer officially begins for me on the 28th!! I still have gift certificates from Barnes and Nobel and I plan on heading to the used book store and the library and start my summer reading. We are also planning on redoing our family room which I am sure will turn into one giant headache!

DS will be home tomorrow for a week, so I probably won't be on the computer much this week.

Make it a great week.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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