Philips Magnavox TV Trouble

jimps043May 8, 2008

Hello, I'm new to the forum as well as repairing my television. I have an older TV, a Philips Magnavox, model TS2768 C101 which has recently stopped showing any identifiable image on screen while the sound works fine. When I turn on the TV, the front power LED blinks repeatedly at seemingly equal intervals. The picture that appears on the screen has varied between three different images:

1) A rainbow of colors in the top left corner of the screen which fades into black as it radiates outward.

2) A solid white line across the center of the screen.

3) A solid black screen.

The type of image that appears as mentioned above seems to vary randomly. The weird thing is, after the first time I got the "rainbow image," it stayed that way for a week, and then one day when the TV was turned on, the picture returned and looked fine for the remainder of that day before reverting to a defective state, this time for good. If anyone could provide any possible solutions as to what is causing the problem, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks to anyone in advance (and apologies for the long post, but I'm just trying to provide as much information as possible that may help identify the problem(s) more easily).

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You have probably developed a bad power supply or capacitors and or bad vertical deflection (white line). No tiddling with wires will fix it. Either dig in with an o'scope or take it in for repair or chunk it and go new.

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