Pioneer DV-F07 not reading discs.

jryan1776May 2, 2005

a couple months ago i purchased a used pioneer dv-f07 301 disc dvd player that was not reliably reading discs.

i took the unit in for evaluation today and got an estimate on $270 to replace the spindle motor and laser pickup assembly.

couple questions.

1. can anyone recommend a good source for me to purchase a spindle motor / laser pickup assembly (i have pulled the assembly out before)?

2. will it need to be recalibrated?

3. anything that i could do to isolate the motor or optical pickup from the equation?

i am open to anything except having to drop $250. i would imagine that the spindle and laser pickup are similar to those in the cheaper pioneer single disc models...

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Did you try a lens cleaner dvd? Might help. Also cleaning and lubeing the optic tracks may also help.


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could you recommend a type of lube? is alcohol ok for cleaning lens.

the dvd just does hardly start spinning before it gives me the no disc error. if i give it a spin, it will start to spin up on its own and seems to start to work before it gives the no disc error.

a faint sound like the hub that spins the disk is slipping can be heard. what is this sound? could it really be that the disc is slipping?

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sadly enough, this is still a problem for me. now the dvd player will not read any disc. it is actually a DV-F727. i have cleaned the laser and lubed the rails with no luck.

could anyone help me find a dvd repair forum? i took it to a shop for repair and they quoted $250 to replace the entire dvd drive assembly. i am sure that they did not even open the box to diagnose.

i've posted on several site with no luck. does anyone know how to obtain the fault codes? the unit has an rs232 port, is there any way to pull diagnostic info?

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I also have bought a Pioneer DV-F07 used that is not reading discs. I bought a replacement disc drive unit and swapped it myself but it is still not reading discs.
The disc will load, start to spin, stop, start, stop, eject, reload, repeat once and finally do a complete eject and stop. I also moved the dip switch on the drive so that's not the problem either.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
The drive unit model number for the DV-F07/DV-F727 is VXX2653 and can be obtained direct from Pioneer for about $125.00

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