Termite Contract ????

diddlydooJuly 21, 2006

This may be the wrong forum and I apologize if it is...

First off I just bought my first home. I got the termite letter saying no sign of termites when I bought the home, but they didn't have a termite contract for me to carry on with.

How necessary is it to get a contract? I'm in SC. Is it just as good to get an inspection (55.00) once a year and then if they see a problem, call the right people to fix?...or is having a termite contract the best way to go?


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Around here, there are 2 kinds of termite problems..one is the termites are active and the other is they're waiting to move in.

We have 2 termite contracts, dry wood/swarming and subterranean. The good thing about our contracts is that if activity is found the company pays for all repairs.

I'm not sure how thorough all inspections are and if something is missed and allowed to go unnoticed for some time, the damage could be extensive and very costly.

We even invested in a Centricon system in order to detect subterranean activity. Our last home was hit 3 different times and we never paid a cent for treatment or repair.

What's the difference in cost between a contract and an inspection? If there's a big difference maybe it's worth just paying out of pocket for repairs.

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Thanks monablair,

I guess I wonder how much damage termites could do in between inspections and if inspector came in and found something how extensive the damage could get in a year.

I'm thinking maybe if initial setup is like 1,500 and yearly is 150.00 that maybe if they can't do too much damage in a year's time, it is best and cheaper to just go with 55.00 yearly inspection and just pay for repairs if ever needed.

Thanks for the reply. It helps to know other's experiences and get their insights.

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Around here it is not standard to have a contract. People have their homes treated if there is evidence of termites and then they get a guarantee so the company will retreat if the problem reoccurs in the subsequent year. I've owned my home for 22 years with no termites. If it's not pervasive in your neighborhood I'd skip it.

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I have a very old house which is constructed in such a way that we are prone to having subterranean termite problems. Since moving to this house 18 years ago, we have had termites every 2-4 years. I know what termite tubes and swarmers look like. We have had a termite contract for the past several years because we finally figured it was a cheaper way to go. For everyone else, I would think they are a waste of money.

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I was told by a termite guy that the reason they always give a one year guaranty after an extermination job is it takes at least that long for drywood termite damage to become evident from the time a queen sets up housekeeping. When you get your house tented a new queen could move in the next day, but it takes at least a year for the colony to get big enough to leave visible piles of sawdust.

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SC is for the most part warm and humid which is perfect conditions for termites to thrive. I would heavily consider a contract particularly if your home is built on a crawlspace foundation. Termite inspections don't always catch termites when they are forming as it takes some time for evidence to become visible. Most termite contracts include preventative treatments such as spraying or baiting around the exterior of the home. I live in TN and we have a contract on our home which is nominal (360.00 per year)and includes baiting system for termites and exterior spraying around perimeter of home for ants and other insects. It will also pay for any damages caused by termites if an infestation occurs while under the contract.

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I bought a home in Houston Texas over the summer and had my inspector test for termites. They were very thorough and got the problem fixed right away.

Here is a link that might be useful: Eagle Star Inspections

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