help write to emb card

maryp25November 18, 2008

Hi, I am knew to machine embroidery. I was thinking if someone has the capability to write to cards, I could forward my one .hus file and send a emb card via mail and that someone may write my design to that card and send it back. :)

I really cannot justify the cost of a box and software for one design. I don't even know if I can use this older husqvarna machine or if I will be able to figure our the embroidery part.

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Does your computer have a port for the emb card? If so put it in and try dragging over your file to it, put it in your machine and see if it shows up. I was able to do that with my designs prior to getting customizer software.

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This card is specific to the machine. I understand the newer machines have usb slots and data can be transferred that way. This older card seems to need a special reader/writer box, then the card slots into the machine. It is definitely not your simply older floppy or newer usb fash drive. This is speicific to the machine, something called an emb card, not the "d-card", a completely different animal. A whole new world to me, and I am a computer/technology teacher - go figure.

Thanks for you reply melcooney.

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I am new at Embroiderying I just got a 3D Embroidery Studio to go with my vicking 1+. I don't know how to use the reader/writer that came with it. How to use CD's or the disks. Normaly I'd have my grandkids help me but they are away at collage. HELP!!!!!!!

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To install the reader you'll have to put the CD in your computer if you computer has a CD slot, or the disks if your computer is older and has a disk slot instead. After you put in the CD or disc you'l need to run them. Usually the computer will automatically run them, if not you'l have to open your computers "my computer icon" and select the CD or disc if you have a PC (Dell, HP, or other computer.) If ou have an Apple computer (Mac) the disc just appear on the main screen and you can run it that way. The reader-writer can be a little annoying. Don't pug it in until AFTER you run the CD or discs. Once the discs are installed, then you can plug in the reader-writer. he hardest part, really, is using the software to copy the designs to the card, but if you take your time exploring the software and reading the help information in the program, it's not too bad.

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Does anyone know how I can get hold of pc drivers for the Ultimate box card reader all links on the web seem dead.

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