amyjacksonNovember 20, 2006

I have a Brother 270 and am just loving it! I was wondering if there are letters out there that can be downloaded that function like the ones that came with my machine do. I have so far used some letters that I downloaded, but they show up as individual letters, and I can't put them together to make words/names, which is difficult because it seems hard to me to guess about spacing the letters far enough, but not too far, apart. When I use the letters that came with the machine, I can put in "words" or whole "names"instead of doing it one by one, and so everything is spaced correctly. Doing it individually is a challenge for me...THANK YOU!

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All fonts you come up with work that way. The only solution is in a software program. I have PE 6.0 & my daughter uses it to do our writing.

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Just get the basic Embird and fonts are about $15. You can add the font engine and use any windows font.

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Thank you !!!!!

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I went to the embird site and found the basic program and it was about $129. and the font engine was about 149. Where do you find it for $15.

Thanks Lynne

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You can buy individual fonts from Embird for $15.
If you want to be able to use any windows font then that will cost you $149 for Font Engine.

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pe design also uses any windows font to generate embroidery fonts.
for simple monograming fonts try annthegran.com freebies and use them with your card.

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