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nelles_gwMay 22, 2012

I have Direct TV & 2 DVRs. I know that I should be able to "connect" to the internet so we can watch a whole slew of stuff from "on demand". The 2 DVR's are no where near the Comcast router, so how do I "connect"? Is it as simple as getting 2 router thingys & HDMI cables? I'd rather not have Direct TV come to the house to do the work, plus pay for Direct's equipment.


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You need to connect the 2 DVRs to the Comcast router using 1 of two methods:

1) Wireless connection
2) Wired connection

With the wired connection, you'll run Cat5e or Cat6 through/under/around your house to your router. You'll want wall plates w. the appropriate jacks. This often is a reasonable DIY project.

For wireless, you'll want to get 2 wireless access points and a wireless router (if the comcast router is not already wireless). Each DVR will connect locally to an access point. The access points will then connect wirelessly to the router. I would suggest Linksys or D-link as good brands. You can expect to spend ~$300 for two N-band access points and a router if you buy new. Comcast may swap out your router to a wireless one for free if you ask (especially if you mention that you want to spend $$$ on their OnDemand & PPV services).

The wireless option will be more expensive in terms of hardware but should be fairly painless.

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Curious, how come you pay for both DirecTV and Comcast? That's two programming providers in one household. I would think you could get a better value by bundling up one way or the other.

Given what you have, I'd suggest you wire a connection. Run a Cat-5 line. Simple for someone who does that for a living, but you might need a crimper to put some ends on. If you don't have a crimper or do that sort of stuff then get a 100' or 50' length with ends on it and you're home free.

Even if you change out providers later, having a cat-5 run from your router area to your TV area will come in handy. I have U-verse, and they don't even use cable any more. Just cat-5 right from their router to your cat-5 cable box -- it's neat.

I would run a couple while you're at it. You might need one for a Console Game, TV, Cable Box, Computer, or anything else you want to connect to the internet in that area later.

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