A regular mess...

kitykatJuly 29, 2014

OK, certainly NOT a disaster, but: Does anyone else have difficulty with those clear plastic seals underneath the lids of yogurt, sour cream, and cottage cheese? No matter how careful, no matter how slow, I cannot get those things off without splash, splatter, and spill on the counter and my shirt! I try to open them in the sink even. No better result. How I hate these product seals that exist to save me from myself!!!!!

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They CAN be annoying. Would it kill them to put a little pull tab on those? Now I just go right for a paring knife, make a small slit, and then run the knife under the plastic and then pull off the round disc. But it never hurts to do that over the sink though.

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I always take a paring knife & cut half of it off. Guess I figure if I drop it rest won't all fall out!! But either the tab is so small you can grip it or it just won't pull back. Of course I now open a bottle of water with a pliers or piece of rubber mat like you put under dishes to keep them from sliding. Carry 4 in square of it in my purse, not nearly as heavy as pliers!!LOL

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Agree with you. I also hate how the yogurt is all over that film. That is what makes it so messy, IMHO.

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Don't pull it straight across. When it gets about halfway off, you now have two places opposite each other where it's coming off. Shift around so you're peeling only one of the ends, and gently pull it around the circle until you meet up with the other side. It takes less force to pull along the circle rather than across, plus you're pulling half as much adhesive loose at a time, so less force is required. It's that excessive force that backfires in the other direction when the last bit comes off that causes the mess.

Or in other words, easy does it.

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I use a hatchet!

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First thing I would do is look for another brand.

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