Advice needed - Lightning stuck the house

fatlesterJuly 22, 2005

Fortunately we were not home and there was no fire.

But the house was struck by lightning which first hit a tree and traveled across the ground and hit the house.

It knocked the baseboard heater off the wall inside the room it hit. Many parts of the house have no power though there is no evident pattern to it.

What do I need to know?

Any advise or experience with this would be much appreciated. Thanks, Jane

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Jane, this happened to us last winter. We're in attached townhomes, and one lightning strike messed up multiple homes. I lost a TV, 2 DVD players, a lamp, etc. Lots of folks lost TVs, but no computers. Strange. Hire an electrical inspector to ascertain/fix your unseen damage, and call your home insurance agent to see if you are covered for this. Our HOA filed some paperwork on the off-chance we are eligible for disaster-relief, as this happened during the tremendous California storms.

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This happened to us as well. The only advice I have is fight like hell to get your insurance company to REPLACE all damaged items and not just "get them fixed". They pulled that on me and my old computer never worked correctly again.

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My advice to anyone who lives in lightning areas is to get a whole house surge protector. They are about $150 plus install and they are sure worth it!!!
Have not had problems with all our power outages or lightening strikes since. Only had one additional lightning strike and it didn't strike house but killed one of my horses. I was so devastated.

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Hamptonmeadow, could you give more information or a link to
these whole house protectors? Does one contact the power company?

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I believe you need to contact an electrician for a whole house power surge protector.

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