sofa cleaning

dotpyJuly 30, 2002

is there any way to do an all over cleaning job on a sofa? has anyone tried it? I don't know if there's a machine u can rent or what. thanks!!

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Hi Dot...
First & Foremost, check for color fastness; your documentation, if you have it; tags on cushions or the dustliner under the cushions possibly. Most fabrics are colorfast now if the sofa is within 10 years old. If it's a fabric known as Haitian Cotton (not much of it around anymore but still find it on rare occasion) it can't be cleaned. Water will ruin it.

Anyway, that said, rent a Rug Doctor machine from a food store or hardware store. With it should come an upholstery attachment. If your clean water solution container is 1 gallon, fill it with hot water from the tap, and add 1/4 (no more) cup of any liquid laundry detergent. Also add 1/2 cup of clear ammonia. Don't bother purchasing the detergent or defoamer they sell-it's just the same stuff that your laundry detergent is. BTW-don't substitute dish detergent, way too much foam.

Aggressively stroke your fabric several times back & forth triggering the spray, then two slow passes sucking out the water. Then move to the next area.

Do not wet the dust liner under the cushions; most of the time these furniture manufacturers use junk fabric that color-bleeds. If your cushions are removable, take them off of the sofa and set them somewhere to dry, maybe the Kitchen floor if tile.
The sofa will dry and look beautiful. Some stains, like ink or felt marker, may not remove.

Hope this helps.

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wow!!! what good directions. I'm going to try it soon. thanks alot.

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You are welcome, Dot...
Could you please post back and let us all know how it turned out? I would be interested!

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I rented a rug doctor today and cleaned my sofa and also a rose colored cordoroy chair. the chair looks better. the sofa is a dark color that doesn't show dirt much so I really can't see a difference but everything does feel cleaner. the only problems I had was they didn't give me the attachment and I had to go back to the store and then the machine leaked underneath so I had to put it on the porch and stretch the hose cause I didn't want to take the sofa out there. I didn't want to get the carpet wet but I don't guess it would have hurt it. lol. it does need cleaning too. after a while I got things going so the water didn't drip all over. u just have to work with it. thanks again for the help. dot

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