water mains right under the electric main panel?

andy2007July 3, 2006

Has anybody come across a water mains and water meter

installed in the cupboard right under the main electric

panel. Isn't this creating a dangerous situation in case

of an accident with the water mains? Is this in accordance

with the regulation? This home was built apprx two years

ago by a very reputable Ontario, Canada, builder called

Arthur Blakely and company.

The plumber who came to service our hot-water tank

mentioned to me that it is dangerous to have water supply

in the electric panel area.

Please may I have comments on this.

Thank you,

Andy 2007

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I assume the home had inspections as it was built??? What do the building codes say for your area?

If it wasn't built according to code, you should have some recourse on the city and the builder.

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Although there is a clearance requirement for panels, I believe that the water mains are ok as long as they are below the electrical panel. It is the ones above the electrical panel that the inspectors get you for.

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