Leaky hot water tank......wrong-way floor gradient

andy2007July 3, 2006

We moved 2 months ago into a two year old new home.

A week ago the airconditioner service technician came

to do maintenance on airconditioner. He spotted flooded

carpets in the basement room adjoining the furnace room.

It was not his job, but he helped find the leak source.

It was the hot water drain faucet leaking. It must have been

leaking slowly since some weeks. We called the hot water tank

rental company. They come in and blame the builder, saying

that the furnace room's floor is sloping towards the finished

basement area and so the drain water would flow to there.

This home was built by a very reputable Ontario, Canada,

builder called Arthur Blakely & Co. It is shame that even

the city inspectors and/or anybody never noticed this.

What can I do now. Builder warranty has expired. Nobody

wants to take the blame. What steps shall I take that

such a disaster does not occur again.

Thank you for your comments, I will appreciate it.


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Get a leak detector which automatically turns off the water, such as Watercop.

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Hot water drains have the same threads as a garden hose. Go to a hardware store and buy a brass hose cap. Put it on the drain fitting. I always install these because the shut off on water heaters is not completely fool proof.

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