Rotted wall behind pre-cast concrete stairs

shortlidJuly 29, 2008

I knew when we bought our Colonial built in '91 from teh bank on a forclosure we would have some issues. But what looked like a rotted kick plate under a side door turned out to be a non-suported pre-cast stainrs that sunk agains the house and the landing on top was pitched slightly towards the house for years. Rotted out the kiick plate all two inches of seven of the 6X2 studs under teh door and all the particle board sheeting under it to the foundation! Glad I caught it before teh mud room started to sag! Can't get access to teh crawl space under the mud room. So have to break the concrete stairs up witha 20 lb. sledge haul it away replace all the wood and siding under the door! Replace the stairs and riser with a PT one!

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Too bad.

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Yep, nothing like thousands of dollars worth of water damage to welcome you into your first home!

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Sorry you are having to go through this... we have a similar looking situation in a house we are trying to buy, but in our case I think we got lucky... looks like we can maybe just jack up the slab, and that there is no permanent damage to the stuff concealed by the stairs. Best of luck with the project...


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Be very carful, if you decide not to repair the wall that was geting water damage. Carpenter ants love this type of situation and if you get a colny move in it can get bad very fast!!

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