ShanazNovember 23, 2003

I have my pe design, but i lost the software. The only help i had found from brother is up grade the old one. How can I do that? if i lost the originals and now i have a new pc and by the way, with windows XP,and i am not sure if that software will run now on my computer(if i found it).

For any help..........Thanks

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First thing I would do, and have done, is pour through every piece of software I own. People just do not lose software, especially expensive software. If the disks are not in the box with your PE design manual and other items including a copy of your registration card, then start going through every box of software and manual you own or your disk and CD storage boxes. It's probably time to go through those boxes anyway so that you can install your other software.

If you can't find the original disks, you can copy the PE Design folder on the old PC to a floppy or CD and then take that copy to the new computer and do an installation that way using the command feature on the start menu with install A or the drive where the CD or floppy is or open the folder on the new computer and look for the install icon, click on it, and see what happens.

There may be updates for your version of PE design at the Brother site so I would check there after installation.

If none of this works, then you got what you deserved for not being more careful with you software disks and documentation and not making a backup copy.

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Thanks for the advise.
I took my old pc to a donation store, and no backup was made, i went there and they already give it away. Maybe a humman had make my same mistake, if so, please, help me.


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I have thought I lost my earlier version of PED but had forgotten that it is on floppy, not CD as all the rest of my programs are. Is this perhaps what has happened?

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email me see i can help you or not, my email address is

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I can help you.

If you can send me a valid serial number for PE-Design I can send you a new copy of PE-Design with upgrades.

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I have PE Design 2 with upgrade 2.5 Don't use it often enough to upgrade, but do use card to tranfer info. I just bought a new laptop with XP Pro installed and can't get the installation program to load. Keep getting message "An error occurred during the move data process: -114." Can anyone help? Thanks

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I have the 3.o and just installed xp and now it will not run. any more info on this matter....
I have been having an awful time getting it to run. first i thought it was the software but reinstalled fine i have used the so called wizard where you pick the differnt windows systems you ran it on in the past. It will not see my card reader box. I looked at old lititure on the system and even pulled out my modem have it on com port 1. it says its there running fine but it keeps saying plug in reader. HELP!! I am ready to uninstll xp (extra pain) and put back in me . the comp port is enabled ..... ug!

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I was reading some of the messages, I think, on p.2. , that indicated there is a patch for xp. There is also a way to image 98 on will have to look for the message. I am not embroidery or computer literate enough to be able to explain it through.
I do know that it would not be a good idea to go back to ME. If you want to do that, just get someone's old computer. They are cheap enough, and set it up for embroidery use only.
Have you checked with PE Design?... Good luck...

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can anyone help me. i have lost my software for pe design v5.

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Hi Nasim,

I also lost my pe-design software, and believe me , till now i can't find any person who can help me.

Brother Co. will never give a copy, I really dont understand why Brother can't help their costumers. All they want is money.

I wish i can help you, but i am in your same situation.

Right now I am concidering to buy a new embroidery system, but I wont make the same mistake , NEVER from Brother.

Wish you luck!!

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My card reader has a serial number on the back that matches the serial number on by manual and also on the insert to the CD. Have you tried giving that information to Brother as proof of your purchase? They should have it registered for you. I know there was a registration thing I filled out when I got mine. Do you still have your book? Maybe the CD got put in there? I usually keep my software with the manual in the original box..

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I have tried everything but no one wants to help me. i have been to the dealers but all they are interestered in is for me to buy the cd again. if there is any one who can let me know of any sites where i can down load this program. please could you email me on

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I have a PE Designer 2.0 and the screws that hold the security device on has broken off. Does anyone know where I can get new ones. I have tried computer stores and the dealer but no help. When I try to use it most of the time it says there is no security device found. If I move it a little it will work but I am affraid of damaging it. Can anyone please help.

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Does anyone have full version PE-DESIGN with matching card reader that they would like to sell for cash? The newer the better.
Thanks, John

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