Weekly Weigh-in, Week of 5/24/09

harold14370May 24, 2009

Last week, our band of dieters continued, with barely a glitch or hiccup, on our way to health, beauty, success, and prosperity.

Harold - Weight 227, lost 4, total lost 48

Silver - Weight 132, lost 1, total lost 23. Closing fast on the 120s just in time for her June 20 event. Is there still time to make 125?

Eklektos - Weight 140.5, lost 0.5, total lost 11.5

Jasmi - Weight 140.8, lost 0.4, total lost 7.2

Eklektos and Jasmi neck and neck in the race for the 130s

Peggy - Weight 143, lost 3, total lost 19. Peggy has become a force to be reckoned with.

Betty - Weight 173, lost 5, total lost 7. Winner of the inaugural Silver Scale award with a prodigious 5 pound loss.

Helen - Weight 169.2, lost 0.8, total lost 30.8. Survived a tiramisu binge to end up on the down side of the ledger.

Karen - Weight 169, lost 0, total lost 1. Get well, Karen

Here are my results for this week:

Weight 223, lost 4, total lost 52

Well, I made it to the big Five-O. Fifty pounds lost. Sad thing is, I almost need to lose another 50. I dug out a picture of me from last summer. Wow, I was seriously fat.

I tightened my belt up another notch. Now I am within half an inch of the magical 40 inch waistline, above which, the medicos tell us, we are practically at death's doorstep, and below which health and happiness abound.

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I just realized I forgot my calorie data. I think this is even more important than weight as an indicator of how well you did the preceding week. Weight will vary depending on water or food in one's digestive tract. Calories always wins out in the long run.

Calories - Food 1675/day, exercise 371/day

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Congrats, Harold! 52 pounds is fantastic! WTG!

I'm still afraid of the scale after my Friday night deviation, but today I'm comfortably wearing a pair of jeans that I haven't been able to wear in at least 5 years. So something good must be happening. I still have a little over a day to psyche myself up for stepping on that blasted machine, though.

OH--one other positive that is encouraging to me: I tried on a blue bridesmaid's dress that I've had hanging in the closet for about 7 years now. It was even a little tight back then when I wore it in a friend's wedding (I was recently post-partum then and not too excited to be in a wedding in that shape). I hope to wear it this July when my 3-year-old turns 4, as we are having a "Candyland" birthday party and I will be Queen Frostine (who wears blue, in case you didn't know). Well, I wanted to see how far I was from fitting into it, so I'd know how hard I need to buckle down to get 'er done by July. And (drumroll please....) the dress fits better now than it did when I wore it in the wedding! I'll be able to wear it for the party for sure. So that's encouraging too.

Hope Karen is feeling better very soon. I know just what you mean about life ganging up on you. Hang in there!

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I forgot to weigh in this am, and I only weigh in the am. So, tomorrow I shall do exactly that !!

Harold, 52 pounds is terrrrrrific !! You go you handsome thang. !!


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Harold there's no stopping you now! Fantastic!

Helen - hi! See me waving from Ottawa north of the border?

Eklektos - keep seeing yourself in that dress and you will be in that dress for the party. The power of image is a strong one.

Today I have to admit I've gained back 2 pounds - confession time is a few events with large meals. I'm getting within my weight range where any illness I lose significant weight, over eat I gain. Again, time is my friend - maintenance is key and focus on healthy eating. Drinking water has a huge impact on the overall results for me. Keeps things moving and our bodies use water a lot for many things.

Have a wonderful day today,

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Good Morning,
Sorry I've been MIA for a few days. Busy cooking for 2 days for a dinner at church and other things getting ready for a week long revival. Didn't cheat at the dinner. Filled my plate with veggies and 1 piece of chicken breast with the skin removed. For dessert I ate watermelon. I was proud because all of the food looked sooooo good.

DH weighed yesterday and said he was at 163lbs. So y'all know what my goal is!! YEP. At least 162 or lower ASAP!!!!

I need to go buy some pants in the next smaller size. I have plenty of jeans from last year before I gained, but not enough dress pants. I'm thinking I will hit the Goodwill store for now. Ours has a large selection of nice ones at cheap prices. Since I don't plan to wear them long, I don't see the point of spending much money.

I've been so busy I haven't hit the treadmill since last Thursday. I've really been grumpy about it, too. But,there are only so many hours in a day And I WILL get on it as soon as I log off here. It's my magic bullet to get those scales to drop.

Silver, I tried a couple of new recipes yesterday. One of them was a Thai veggie stir-fry that had bok choy in it.
It was well recieved by DH and DS, even though DS said it would "take some getting used to"! (typical 15 year old) DH said he would eat it again if I cooked it. So, it's a keeper. My crushed red pepper flakes were old because it didn't have enough heat for me. I will buy a new bottle before next time. Otherwise it was very good.

Harold, Sorry to hear about your eye trouble. I've had eye trouble as long as I can remember. When I was small ( before there were meds to disolve them) I had an ulcer on my right eye. I can barely remember them holding me down and scraping it off of my eyeball in the eye Dr's office.
Needless to say I have a large amount of scar tissue in that
eye. I have to really protect my left eye, because I can't even see to read (or drive) without my left one. Been to several specialists and there is nothing they can do to improve the situation. Hang in there. At least there is hope for improvement with your's. But, I know it is scary.

Another 4 lbs! Great job!! We all will have to post before and after pics when we reach our goals. I don't have a pic of me at my heaviest, but I do have one at my DD's wedding last May and I needed to lose at least 20 lbs then.

Ek, Sorry your trip wasn't conducive to exercise. I bet it was nice to watch the windswept waves.
We all slip sometime. Just get right back in the groove and we will still be celebrating your lbs lost. Don't you just love trying on clothes that didn't fit and now they do? That really makes my day.

I admire how some of you count calories eaten and burned. I am just too lazy to do that. I've been on enough diets in my lifetime that I just wing it with the food and keep the treadmill as my best friend. As long as the scales keep moving down I'm satisfied.

Helen, I always weigh on Tuesday. Gives me time to recover if I cheat on the weekends!!
Have a great day everyone,

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05/25/09 ~ Weight 168.4, lost 0.8, total lost 31.6

You all are doing fine. just don't let a small weight gain toss you off the wagon. just hang on and you will get right back on track.

Betty, I can relate to church dinners. We had a Youth Graduation Celebration Luncheon Sunday, but I KNEW I had to stay away. They served the "Gospel Bird" (Fried Chicken) and I do so love the wings. And you know that is probably the highest calorie piece of the bird. We slipped some $$ into the jar, and came home to a turkey breast dinner instead.

Then I went for my walk with our faithful dawg and spent the rest of the day with my Bible Study.

I am getting ready to take my larger sized clothing and list some on Ebay. There seems to be a fairly good market for reasonably priced used clothing that is in really good condition. I think I will list them in lots instead of singly. I have gone from a size 18 to getting into 14's and some 12's.

Keep up the good work everyone.


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Betty--your eye story is horrific! I'm so sorry you had to go through that. Uggh!

Peggy, glad to hear the little shift up isn't getting you down. I tend to get discouraged with small fluctuations up, but I have to keep reminding myself that they come back off quickly if I stick with it and stay committed.

Our church is having a free clothing swap next month. I'm planning to take some of my too-bigs and hope to pick up a few things to hold me for the next couple of months so that I don't have to buy anything new until I get closer to my goal.

Weigh-in tomorrow. (Still a little uncertain about what it will say.)

152/140.5/119 as of my most recent weigh-in.

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Happy Memorial Day everyone!!

Harold, 50 lbs is a milestone. Your wife must be really proud of you!

EK, the dress and jeans speak louder than the scale. You'll make a beautiful Queen Frostine, and I'd bet you're happy to get some useful hours out of that dress too! (I have a peach one that I'm sure is similar hanging in my closet as we speak!)

Betty, what a horrific eye story. I'm glad you still have sight left, and you can't remember it all that well. I don't think I could handle someone scraping my eye!

Helen, you get the "Person with Most Resistance" award for the day. Fried chicken is my downfall. I don't know how you held out for the turkey breast!

I don't know what I did last week, but I must have done something right... I've officially hit the 25 lbs lost mark. Tried on my skinny jeans in the closet and now am able to zip and button them all. They aren't comfy, but they do close! Went out and bought some size 6 jeans to celebrate. My DH got home from his business trip and was very pleasently surprised!! I'd lost 8lbs since he left. And then baked a peach pie and a berry pie and made ribs for today... uh oh!! *S*


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SS--130! Wow! I haven't seen 130 since I was in college. And a size 6 in jeans too! Surely you're going to slow down now, right? Do you think you need the next 5 pounds? I really wonder how much different my body will be with each new milestone, and when/how I'll know that it is time to stop.

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I do need those five pounds to be gone!!! Hopefully my thighs will get a bit smaller (esp. those lovely saddle bags!) I don't like feeling *skinny* so I'm definatly not going anorexic anytime soon... but I do want to feel toned, and although I can squeeze into my old jeans I'd like to fit in them, if you know what I mean. Now it's not so much the weight as the toning. So I'm keeping up my calorie count, and still going to exercise. I'd also like my stomach to be smaller, on the sides. The front is looking pretty good but more situps would make a difference on the sides. I'm ok with going out in a bathing suit for my week long wedding at the beach though. I'm grateful that I had this to work towards because I probably would not have done it so diligently otherwise.

I'm having a big piece of homemade three berry pie tonight though. ;)

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Thanks, everybody for the congratulations on the 50 lb. Congrats, in turn, to Eklektos for fitting into the dress, to Silver for hitting 130, and to Betty and Helen for skipping the big church dinners.

Mmm, berry pie.

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Good Morning,
My official weight for this week is 170 lbs. Which isn't bad. 3 lbs down this week. Total lost is 10 lbs. I'm having fun with new recipes and feeling the differences in my body.

Peg, You are so right to hang in there through a weight gain. What is 2 lbs in the long run? I have a huge bowl of chocolate ice cream with milk poured over it in my future when I reach my goal. It may cause at least a 2 lb gain. And if it does I know just how to deal with it and move on.

Ek, what a great idea! I will discuss with our Ladies' Ministry President tonight the possibility of a free clothing swap. What isn't taken can then be donated to the youth yard sale that is coming up soon.

Silver, Only 5 more to go!! Can't you just taste the victory? I would love to lose enough to put on a bathing suit this season without dying of shame. DGS has already given me my orders to play in the pool with him the next time we go camping. Horrors!!!

Helen, I had a piece of the "Gospel Bird"!!!!! A breast with the skin removed. It was good, too! But, I made sure that I was pretty full on veggies before I touched it so I wouldn't go crazy.
You are doing so well. I would be doing a BIG happy dance if I had dropped 3 clothing sizes. I don't remember if you shared or not, but what is your weight goal?

Karen, Where are you? Are you still feeling under the weather?

Jas, Check in Sweetie. It's Tuesday. How ya doin?

I've been up since 1:30 am with a sick DGS. He is on antibiotics, but not improving yet. Hope he turns the corner today. I never sleep well when he spends the night. It's even worse when he doesn't feel well.

I ate a lot yesterday. Nothing bad. Just an abundance. Hope it doesn't cause an upswing on the scales.
Have a great day.
Later my "Peeps",

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Betty--3 pounds in a week! Good for you--that's great!

I am very pleased to announce that at my official weigh-in this morning, I was

******* 139.5! *******

I am so excited! That "3" looks so small on the scale. I haven't seen it in about 12 years.

Onward and Downward!

Jasmi--how's my competition doing? (And I say competition only in the friendliest definition of the word--I'm pulling for you too!)

152/139.5!/119 12.5 pounds lost since 2/2/09

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Today, my BMI is 25.1. One more pound lost will put me out of the "overweight" range and into the "normal" range. So 138.5 is my new immediate goal, because then I won't be technically overweight any more! (Though I really still will be, because my frame is very small. Still, as an empirically oriented and motivated person, seeing that number in the "normal" range is very important to me.)

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Betty, I can taste it!! And you, three pounds in a week!? You're doing so well! Now about that bowl of chocolate ice cream with milk poured over it... is that a regional thing? I've never heard of anyone doing that.

My neighbor girls came over this weekend so I could help them bake a cake and they brought buttermilk. They asked what else they could use it for... ummmm... fried chicken, pancakes... drinking it with cornbread... They couldn't believe I would drink it. I made them sample it and told them that's what my family from the south does. My dad likes to crumble his cornbread in the glass and drink it chunky. They left it in my fridge on accident and I just had to return it before I drank the whole thing!!!

EK, I know what you mean about the BMI getting off the "overweight" point, it was such a big deal to me! I was at 27.5 when I started and am now down to 23.0. Honestly the BMI meant more than the pounds. 139.5/25.1 is so great. You must be on top of the world today :)

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I will weigh in tomorrow a.m. whether I like to or not. Feedback is crucial, even in a somewhat 'off program' week.

I have to share with you guys that when I'm 100% on program, I lose like a turtle. The gym was helping kick my metabolism in gear, but I haven't had it in me to work out for 2 weeks.

And the other thing about me is, when I'm even a small amount off program, like one meal for example, I lose ground fast. Again, I think it's my metabolism. So I do anticipate a gain.

But as I posted on the support thread, I slept thru the night last night for the first time in two weeks, so I'm hoping to be back to my gym routine next week for sure, if not sooner.

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Bettyd, I really don't have a definite, cast in stone goal. But I am thinking someplace between 135 and 145. It just depends on how I look and feel when I get there. When I was younger in my 20's and 30's, I looked great at 125, but now that I am gray haired and on SS, I don't think my body would look good at that weight. I was muscular back then as I was VERY active and played a lot of sports. But even though I am working out and my muscle tone is getting better, I am not going to kid myself into thinking I am going to look like I did when I was 30. LOL

So, basically I will be waiting until I see where I am at those weights.


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hi all

Sorry , I could not catch up with you guys all this week. I had a very hectic week at work, with a project going live tomorrow.I am trying to read all the messages on this thread now and see how every one is doing.

Ek, I am soooooooooooo happy for you. I get your tone. Keep it up. I completely agree with your BMI goal. Infact I think in the same lines. We both have same goals.

Silver, 130 is awesome. I think I was 130 in June 2006. So I can understand when you talk about those saddle bags. Even when I was 123-124, I still had those saddle bags. What you need now is more toning workouts, I think, to reach your goal of 125 pounds.

Harry, I hope your eye gets better. If you were a girl of my age , my height and my weight and still lose 4 pounds of week, I would be jealous of you ..gggrhhhhh.. But thats not the case:-))) So I am very very happy for your weight loss..

Betty, 3 pounds in a week is very very good. Actually all you guys are working hard towarsds your goals. 1 pound or 2 pounds gain here and there is nothing in a long run.

Peggy, Is that you who said the above line. You are so true..
Helen and trekaran..I hope you are doing well too..

Okay, coming to me, I have been sick over the weekend.This morning I had a bad episode of Diarrehea. I am all crampy and exhausted. I could not go to work,.. But I still have to work for tomorrow's project live. So working from home all day today..

As of today, my numbers are
140.8, 0.0, total lost 7.2.

So I did not lose any weight this week. Not sure if this is because I have not been working real hard towards it or is it because of that time of the month when I retain lot of water in my body. I am very dissapointed as I did not lose much weight this month...

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Hi Jasmi, sorry to hear you're feeling under the weather. You could just be plateauing, and then will have a big loss.

I need to look up toning for the legs. I don't think running is going to do it quick enough.

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Silver.. I bumped into a slim in 6 series on internet last week. It seems to be very good for toning the lower body. I could see some videos of it in youtube. Check them out if you are interested. I am exhausted..cant even type a single wordd...see u guys later

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Go Ek!! I haven't seen 130 anything in I don't know when. Probably when I was 20!
How can I figure my BMI?

Silver, I started putting milk over my ice cream for 2 reasons. 1- I don't like really sweet ice cream and the milk cuts some of the sweetness out and makes it taste just right. 2- This was right after my OB/GYN told me I had lost 2" in height and had to get more calcium. I refuse to take man-made calcium suppliments. My Mom had altzheimers and I had found in my research that the brains of people who died with altz had an unusually large amount of aluminum and calcium in them. I am doing everything in my power to not end up with that horrid disease. So I added milk to the ice cream to double the calcium intake in a more natural (if that is possible these days)way.
Talking about Southern habits, my Dad always crumbled cornbread in his buttermilk. I never could get past the idea that buttermilk was sour milk. I'm 54 years old and have NEVER tasted buttermilk!!

Karen, My goodness, Girl! You have been so sick for so long. If you have gained some back, you will just keep taking care of yourself until you are well enough to begin again. The most important thing is to get well.

Helen, That is exactly how I feel. I know I will have to constantly work myself to death to keep a low weight (130 or below) and it won't look the way it did at 20. I already have wrinkles in my face and neck. What is it going to look like at that weight? I want to feel, look, and be healthy for my age. I will know when I get there. I like that I have somewhere to go with friends that I can honestly share my goals, hopes, disappointments, and milestones with. We're doing it together!!

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Sorry to hear there's so much sickness going on. I hope everyone's on the mend soon.

Jasmi--considering your cycle and your workload and your sickness, you probably really have lost fat this week. But water retention and stress can mess up the scale. I'll bet you'll show a significant loss by next week's weigh-in. I do hope you feel better very quickly.

Thanks for the cheering on, everyone. There really isn't anyone out here in the three-dimensional world that I can talk to about my weight loss. Either everyone is already thin or they are heavy and think the plan I'm doing is ridiculous and don't want to hear about my success. I don't try to push this w.o.e. on anyone else, because I know it's hard to stick to for some and isn't designed for every body type, but it really does work for me. So I am very, very thankful for all of you who are so kind and supportive!

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EK, what eating plan have you been doing?

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I'm on Atkins. I'm now in the "ongoing weight loss" stage, eating about 30-35g carbs per day.

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Ek, you are so lucky to be able to continue to lose the weight eating 30-35 g. carbs each day. WhenI ate that many on Atkins, my weight started to go up up up and so that's why I can no longer do Atkins. It was great the first time around when I lost 40 pounds in just a short amount of time, but it just won't work for me anymore.
You are doing great. Keep up the good work.


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Hey Everyone,
Thanks Silver for the info on the BMI. I got depressed when I figured my BMI. I have to get my BMI down one point and lose at least 1" from my waist to get out of the obese catagory. When I look at those numbers I can't fool myself into believing that I'm just a little overweight any longer.
No wonder I had chest pains. And no wonder my feet hurt when I finish on the treadmill or spend the day in the kitchen cooking.
This if just re-enforcement to get busy and get this weight off ASAP!

Ek, I so agree with you about this forum being a Godsend. I'm certainly not going to discuss how large I am with my husband and I'm so busy with life that there just isn't time to get out and spend time with others who are dieting, even if I could find anyone close by.

Here I know I'm not alone and get so much encouragement. Hopefully I can be an encouragement also.

One good thing to share- DH was giving me a hug last night and said he could feel that I had lost weight. WOOHOO!!
I've gotta run for now. Keep up the hard work everybody. See ya tomorrow.

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Sure Betty! Glad to help. I ran my BMI numbers today, and here are my results from beginning in January until now. I have to admit, being so close to moderate obesity was a slap in the face. It's funny how I just fooled myself, oh, it's just a little weight, I'm a little heavy... etc.

The "thinner you hug" is a great story :) What a wonderful way to notice and give you a well-deserved compliment.

START = 155 = 27.5 (overweight, and 2.5 points away from moderate obesity)
NOW = 130 = 23.1 (in healthy range, just under 2 points from being overweight)
GOAL = 125 = 22.2 (right in the middle of healthy range)

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heyyy.. Just wanted to add this to the BMI discussion.

According to a national consensus, it seems most of the women think they look good and feel beautiful when their BMIs are between 21- 23. Even though BMI of 22 does not put them in the skinny category, it is the weight that they are most comfortable with.

What do you say guys ? I completely agree with this. My target is to get down to that number.

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I can't say for certain, because when I was at a weight I felt pretty good about (which was a very small window of time when I was 20 years old--and I'm now 40), I didn't make a mental note of what that weight was, and I never knew my BMI back then.
Now that I'm 40 and have had 4 kids, my body is quite a bit different, so I think I'll have to just see where I feel "right" and then compute the BMI to find the corresponding number.
25 is definitely too high for me, even if it is right on the borderline for normal. I don't know how much to expect my body to change with each 1 point on the BMI scale. It will be interesting to find out.

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Hi Jasmi,
I don't want to be skinny per se, just slender. No saddlebags! I think the range you gave is what I'm aiming for. BMI-22 sounds just perfect to me, based on how I'm feeling at BMI-23.

I weighed in this morning...DRUMROLL PLEASE...

I am now at 129. Officially in the 120's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was so so so excited! Yesterday I rode my bike along the bike trails for an hour, and did seven or so miles. It's a little hard to sit down today :( but it felt good to have enough strength to do that. I got winded, but pushed through and really felt like I accomplished something. Other than fitting into clothes, being able to run/walk/bike/be active is the best payoff to this whole struggle.

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Silver, I'm sooooo happy for you! I knew you could do it! Looks like that berry pie didn't hurt you after all!

I've spent some time studying the BMI table and just on numbers alone I will probably be content at a BMI of 23. That will keep me out of the 140s and around the mid 130s.
It will be interesting to see what I look like at those weights. As I said in an earlier post: I want to look, feel, and be healthy.

Jas, I really like the idea of a BMI of 22, but I don't know if I can keep my weight that low and still enjoy life ( an occasional bowl of that wonderful chocolate ice cream with milk!!). Especially since I will be at least 55 years old before I get to that weight. Time will tell. Like Ek, I will have to play it by ear (and mirror) when I get there.

Harold, How are your eyes doing?

Hope all y'all are having a great day. It's raining here, so I'm getting on the treadmill and doing housework and laundry.

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"...playing it by mirror..."

That is a wonderful saying Betty! And thank you :) I was worried about the berry pie. I love to cook, so it is really hard not to eat my own cooking, and I don't want to "punish" my dd or dh with my diet. They could both use to gain some weight!!

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Hello, all. I had my cataract operation today. Everything went well. I still can't see very well because the eye is dilated. I'm using a pair of reading glasses from Walmart, for the time being.

I got my garden planted yesterday. Eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, beans, sweet potatoes, corn. Plenty of opportunity for exercise over the summer.

Congrats to Silver for hitting the 120s.

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Harold, glad to hear the surgery went well. Recovery is pretty quick, isn't it? Don't strain your eyes while you wait. I had LASIK about 9 years ago and remember having to be very careful for a few days not to get poked in the eye or anything, wearing sunglasses even inside for the first day or two.

Silversword! You are just rockin', girlfriend! I am amazed at you. 129--one TWENTY nine! Woo-hoo!

Here's something some of you might be interested in. There's a site at www.weightview.com where you can upload a photo of yourself (in somewhat form-fitting clothes) and plug in your current and goal weights. Then they will adjust the photo to give you an idea of what you'll look like at your goal weight. It's free, but you have to have a Facebook account to log in to their FB page where they will post your altered photo for you. (They don't post your weight or any info about you, and even though there is a weigh-loss community there you can join, you don't have to do it.)
I did it today (it's totally free) and got my photo a few hours later. Of course, I don't know how accurate it is, but if it is on target, then I might want to drop my goal weight a little more. I don't know. My body type is really weird. I wonder if I'll ever really be happy with my end results. I doubt I'll ever look sleek or svelte, always "matronly."

Here is a link that might be useful: Upload your photo and goal weight for a preview

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Harold, I'm glad your surgery went well. Surgery on the eyes would be scary for me. I'm glad you're on the road to recovery.

Thanks for the props, EK (and Harold too). When I got home I weighed myself to make sure it wasn't a fluke. It stayed right on that little line before the 130. I couldn't believe it. Not so long ago I was thrilled to get it below the 150, and below the 140 lines.

Fabulous re-discovery tonight in spaghetti squash. Only 42 calories per cup, takes 7 minutes in the microwave, combine with 1/4 cup of sauce at 40 calories and it's just like the real thing without the bloat. I could even over-eat it if I wanted... say 3 cups and 3/4 cup sauce, and still be under 300 calories. With that I could even have a slice of garlic toast. It was really great!!

EK, thanks for the link. I'll have to check it out.

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The recovery period for cataract surgery is not bad at all. You can see pretty well as soon as the dilating drops wear off, which is about a day. They dilate you real good for that surgery. That's probably different than Lasik. Another difference is, if you are young when you have the Lasik operation you are glasses free. Not so with cataracts or if you have presbyopia, which if you don't have yet, it will catch up to you. You'll need bifocals or reading glasses. They won't measure me for bifocals for a couple weeks yet, so I have to get by with readers for a while.

There are some eye drops you have to use tapering off over 4 weeks. You are not supposed to do any heavy lifting for about a week.

I can do certain things without glasses now. I know most people who get Lasik are thrilled to go without glasses. I'm not one of those glasses haters though, so to me it's not a huge deal. In fact, I like the idea of wearing something to keep from getting poked in the eye with tree branches or whatever.

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Hey Y'all. I can't wait until next week to share my good news. I'm 169!!!! I've made it out of the 170's and am out of the obese range. DOING THE HAPPY DANCE!! Also I think I have caught a stomach bug from DH and can't eat a thing. (That's good news, right?) As long as I stay horizontal the cramps go away. So I'm typing with my head propped up.
Oh, I forgot... DD and I stopped at the Goodwill this morning and I came home with a size 10 dress!
The only bad thing about that is it doesn't have sleeves. I have to up the dumbbell exercises and go get some sun on those lily white upper arms and shoulders!

Harold, I'm so glad your eyes are better. I realize that technology has grown by leaps and bounds, but I still worry when people are messing with your eyes.
I told DH last night I'm going to see if they can fit me with contacts next visit. The eye Dr. told me last time that she thought the new ones would work for me. I hate glasses. My skin is oily and also every time DH kisses me his nose leaves a greasy spot on my glasses. I'm constantly cleaning those bad boys.

Silver, I discovered spaghetti squash the last time I was on a diet. I LOVE it! I use it anytime I need noodles and fix the noodles for skinny DH and DS.
Gotta go.

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Betty, that is such good news!! Size 10 is small!!! I know what you mean about not being able to wait to report the good news. Report away... I'm super excited for you. :)

Sorry you're sick. Keep hydrated! The good thing about not being able to eat is my stomach shrinks and stops requesting addn'l food once I get better. This is a good opportunity for a juice/liquid fast.

I found a pair of shorts in my closet last night, put them on and they were a bit loose. I was doing my happy-shorts-dance and then decided to look at the tag. They were a size 10!!! LOL. Just goes to show that just because some stuff says 6 doesn't mean I'm a 6 in everything!

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