Magnavox MS3652S427;chassis L01.1UAC-7638

wild65May 8, 2006


My 1.5 year old TV (Magnavox MS3652S427; chassis #L01.1UAC-7638) won't turn on anymore. After pressing ON (remote or TV), it sounds like its coming on, clicks 8 times (I counted them many times), then is silent. If I go up or down one channel, the same 8 clicks, then nothing. No picture, no sound (after the 8 clicks). During these 8 clicks, the power is apparrently switching on & off, since I can feel the static electricity cycle on and off as well.

This is very repetitive, and very frustrating, and I'm completely baffled by the 8 clicks. I hope someone can help me with suggestions.

Many thanks!!


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Finally got around to this problem again; after removing the back and disengaging the circuit board to pull it out some, I've checked the fuse (its good) even though I didn't believe it would cause this problem, and also have inspected all the board components to see if anything looks "fried"....all with no luck.

I've seen other posts about a "varistor" that powers up the high voltage side, which is what it sounds like the TV is trying to do (the clicking noise).

Could it be the transformer/power supply that feeds the tube?? Any ways a DIY-er could check it ?? I was quoted $85 just to look at it; since I only paid $375 on sale, its probably not worth putting $200 in repairs into it, unless I can do it myself much cheaper and get the satisfaction of doing so.

Please help!!



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