Undercabinet mounted kitchen TV recommendations

apbnashMay 30, 2010

Does anyone have any recommendations for an undermounted kitchen cabinet TV? I'm redoing my kitchen and so want to plan for this (wiring, etc.) and just wondered if any of you have these in your kitchen and what brands/features you would recommend. I do think I would like one with a screen size of over 10 inches because that way it could be viewed from the kitchen island or kitchen table.

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Your biggest issue will be the antenna. If you have a house antenna, you'll want to install a splitter and run a cable to your TV. The aerial that comes with the TV could be very cumbersome if it needs to be adjusted, especially if it has to stick out from under the cabinets. Keep in mind that each time you split the antenna cable, you lose at least 5db of signal. Depending on how many times you've already split the cable and how strong your signal is, you may have to add an amplified distribution. This is all simple to do, and worth considering. You also want to be able to plug the tv in so make sure there is a receptacle close enough where you can hide the wiring and not have to use any extension cords. Don't mount the tv where it can be exposed to steam from cooking, coffee pots, hot oven and water from the sink. If you mount it near a microwave, you will get disturbance while the microwave is running. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, it's worth the effort. In my case, when I wake up in the morning and am having my coffee before tackling my day, it's great to catch the news and weather sitting at the breakfast nook.

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