Recording from Digital Cable

boneladyMay 23, 2007

I know I am slow in moving to new technology, but I just converted to digital cable and cannot record to my VCR. I suspect it has to do with only being able to tape what you are watching ( How silly is that!)

I don't tape much, but often my mother wants me to tape things and bring them to her and I occassionally want to tape something that conflicts with what I want to watch. Comcast DVD might work for that, but at a monthly charge that does not compute for 3-6 times a year.

I hope some of you technos can help!

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Are you using a cable box?

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yes, to get digital here, there must be a converter box, otherwise my cable comes directly into my house.

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Well, the cable box only outputs one channel so if you hook up the vcr in between the cable box and the tv you will only be able to record the channel you are watching.

If you connect a splitter to your incoming cable, then run one cable from the splitter to the cable box, and the other to the vcr, you could record one basic cable channel while watching a digital cable channel at the same time.

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Since your VCR does not have a digital tuner you might only be able to tape what you are watching. However many cable companies still send the analog signal into your house. If you connect a cable line direct to your VCR you still might able to tape from the analog signals. That is how it is where I live.

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Thanks. I guess I will just move the VCR to another TV and limit my recordings to basic cable!

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