Outdoor drainage/standing water (pics)

lpickJuly 22, 2003

Every time it rains we get standing water in one area, its awful as this area is right at our back gate which causes all sorts of mud problems plus its just ugly and the grass will not grow there.

My husband put in an underground drainage pipe this past weekend, he made it to where the two drains (see pics) drained into an underground pipe and then releases the water down the driveway and then it flows down the road...

We had a heavy rain today and I was so hoping the new draining system would work, well it does work but it doesn't cure the flood/standing water problem!!!!! (I told him that I didn't think it would but this was one time I would have rather been wrong).

I think the problem is down to our neighbors house above us (see pics), I believe the water coming off his house floods down on to my land causing the problem - I could be wrong but it does seems logical??

If the neighbors house, being on a hill and draining down on to my land, is causing my flooding/standing water, is he obligated to fix it or is it my problem? AND how do we fix it????

My husband says he can add another drain to the new system he just put in but this drain would be right there at my back gate, like a grate in he yard, that's unattractive and inconvenient for starters and its also time consuming and it isn't free doing all of this!!

Any suggestions you have are very welcome and appreciated!



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You might call in a specialist or talk to the county/city building department. There may be code violations depending on your area. If this is coming from a neighbors house, could be problem with grading also. Just putting in drains may not cure the problem, especially during very heavy rains.

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