gift for the hard to buy for (again!)

daisychain01March 10, 2014

I've perused the old threads on this topic, but nothing has come up that suits. I'm reviving it yet again in hopes of new ideas. My MIL is turning 75 and we have been looking for ideas for weeks and now it is down to the last 5 days and we still have nothing. She and FIL are downsizing so they don't need anything for the house really. She likes to get jewellery or other personal items, but we or other members of the family have bought her watch, earrings, necklace, bracelet in the last five years. Maybe it would be okay to buy her another of the same? She has loads of money and can buy herself all the practical stuff (I used to buy practical things for her and then realized she hated that). We've left it too late for pics and photo albums and we did just give them pics of the kids in nice frames for their anniversary. So�. ideas?

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Do they go out to restaurants? Travel? Maybe a gift certificate to a restaurant they like, or to a hotel or B&B (depending on your budget)? My dad is 79 and a few years back, we gave him a gift cert to a hotel we knew he liked in Maine. He just had a birthday and I'm stumped every year (esp because his birthday is close to Christmas -- have to come up with two ideas within a short time!) and we gave him gift cards for Panera (he loves that place) and his local grocery store. He doesn't have loads of money, so he appreciates this practical stuff.

OTOH, I see nothing wrong with getting her another necklace or earrings...

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Would she like a Pandora bracelet? Each sibling can pick a charm that represents them. Every age wears them!

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A year of flowers?

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Annie Deighnaugh

How about gift certificates for massages, facials, spa days...very often, as we age, we really could use the benefits of physical touch and massage for our tired bodies and aching bones and muscles.

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How about a neat looking embroidered loose jacket, to wear out or around the house?

Small down blanket to snuggle with while reading or napping?

I love to give Jo Malone Vitamin E Hand Cream and fragrance (pricey but worth it)

What about a new purse?


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Annie Deighnaugh

If she cooks, perhaps something from Penzeys...

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How about something like a cashmere wrap -it's luxurious and practical at the same time. Since older people sometimes get cold at times the rest of us don't, this would be nice to take along to restaurants and other outings.

And there's a 25% off sale today!

Here is a link that might be useful: Cashmere Throw at Garnet Hill

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Does she like to dine out? My parents enjoy it so each year for Christmas I give them a stack of restaurant gift cards. I mix inexpensive places and nicer choices.

Gift giving can be so stressful. Best of luck finding something.

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Well, IMHO the most successful gifts are handmade or custom or very unique to the recipient. But with five days left, and you are down to asking us, that probably ain't going to happen.

The second way to make a gift special is just to make it expensive. And since it is her 75th, which is a big deal, if budget isn't a big issue, the easiest thing is to throw money at the problem. Either jewelry or maybe a little getaway somewhere? A subscription series to something?

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I gave my mother some of the movie DVD sets from TCM. She loves watching old movies. She also enjoys her iPad Air, as does my father.

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I once gave my MIL a personal chef. He came to the house, made a special meal to be served that evening and created a weeks worth of really nice meals for the freezer. I know she loved that the neighbors were all interested in what was going on at her house lol.

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What my Mum, soon to be 83, likes most is spending time with us. So thinking along those lines how about coupons for dates - just with her son, just the grandkids, just you, one with everyone participating. They could be date specific (Lunch with grandkids on June 1st) or open ended (this entitles you to dinner with your son on a date of your choosing) for her to arrange as she desires.

What about if everyone in the family writes down some memories and favorite stories about her? It might please her to find out which memories other people cherish, the stuff she might have forgotten or never realized what an impact it had on the family.

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Thank you so much, everyone! So many great ideas. I'm thinking of the cashmere wrap, the coupons and/or the movie dvd. They do love travel and food, but FIL takes her on trips and out to eat all the time so it wouldn't be special. I, of course, would love all those things - especially the personal chef. Oddly, we gave her a spa gift cert. one year and she went and hated it. Seems she doesn't like people inside her personal space. I'll let you know how it goes.

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When my mil turned 75 we had a sort of nostalgia party for her. She was always reminiscing about singing around a campfire , and her birthday is mid October, so we cleared out our pole barn and put in a fire pit near one of the ends. I decorated it with new straw on the ground and corns stalks at all the poles, pumpkins everywhere and large potted mums in bushel baskets. We had as much of the family there as possible for an outdoor pumpkin carving and hot dog roast over the fire, s'mores, and singing. My BIL and his family spent the night and we watched an old movie she liked that evening. We all gave her cards with personal notes on her 75 years and how she had influenced each of us. It was the best party ever because she was in heaven.

You don't have time for anything like that, of course, but i thought I would add it because those shared experiences--- whatever they are--- are more precious than any other gift. People with means want what every one else who is growing old wants.....special time with their families.

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Does she have a dog? If she does find a cute sweater for her dog and a matching sweater for her. It is actually pretty easy if you keep it simple (like red or black). Pick the dogs outfit first. People love getting things for their pups. At least my family likes to.

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